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The first item in each weekly session packet will probably be a list of that week's objectives -- what a student can expect to learn that week. This will be followed by a listing of textbook and/or other outside readings that must be completed before continuing on with the remainder of the packet. For example:

Week One

Learning Objectives

After completing Chapter One, you should be able to:

  • Explain how marketing creates utility through the exchange process.
  • Define the marketing concept and its relationship to marketing myopia.
  • Describe five types of non-traditional marketing.
  • Identify the basic elements of marketing strategy and the external characteristics that influence strategy decisions.
  • Discuss the changes in marketing due to technology and relationship marketing.
  • Highlight the universal functions of marketing.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between ethical business practices and marketplace success.
  • Contrast marketing activities during the four eras in the history of marketing.

Required Readings

  • Read Chapters One of your text and the Neiman Marcus and Timberland cases.
  • Review Case Analysis Notes

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