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Instructor: Dr. John Chambers

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MacArther University has been providing high quality business education to students over the Internet for many years. From the beginning, it has been our goal to provide a practical business education using the tools of industry.

Today, these tools center around the use of the Internet. The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, and successful businesses are taking advantage of it's capabilities. When hiring new employees, they are looking for those who are not only leaders in the traditional business sense, but technically savvy as well.

Our goal is to continue to equip our students with the necessary skills to meet the increasing demands of employers, and give them the ability to compete for the most desirable positions.

Our online courses give students a Flexible way to obtain the knowledge and skills needed for career advancement, without compromising the one on one Communication and Support that have made MacArther University a gold standard.

MacArther University's Online courses offer many practical advantages. Below are just a few that we feel set us apart.

  • Flexibility
    • Wireless - Access and participate in all areas of online course from any wireless device.
    • Time of day - Do course work any time during the week.
    • Location - Access online materials from any location that has an Internet connection.
  • Communication
    • E-mail - Messages sent to instructors will be responded to within 48 hours.
    • Discussion area - An asynchronous discussion area in which students and instructors can enhance the learning experience through posted classroom and group discussions.
    • Chat - A synchronous discussion area that allows students and instructors to communicate in real time.
    • Who's online - Instant messaging tool that allows students and instructors to communicate in a private real time chat.
    • Notification settings - There is no need to log in to check for updated assignments, course e-mail, grades, etc. The online learning tool can be set to notify you via e-mail, phone, or pager.
  • Support
    • Timely Support - MacArther University is committed to providing timely support to both students and faculty. Every course has a "Help!" button that can be used to obtain support. When a student or faculty member submits a help request, a member of the Office of Online Learning is paged and is able to log on and provide the necessary support. We guarantee that every support request will be addressed within 24 hours, but typical response time is less than four hours.