Legal College Degrees
Receive a Degree For What You Already Know

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this legal?
Absolutely. All American University is legally registered in the United States. We issue distance learning degrees based on classroom education, and life, military and work experience

2) How does this work?
All American University grants degrees to qualified applicants based on work, life and military experience as well as classroom education.

3) How do I apply?
Visit the requirements page for the type of degree you’re interested in. If you meet the minimum requirements, complete an online order form.

4) How much does a degree cost?
Click here to view our Fees page.

5) What types of payment do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards, personal checks, PayPal, COD and money orders by mail.

6) How do I order COD?
On the order form check the "COD" box. A processing fee of $29.00 is added to all COD orders.

7) What can I use my degree for?
Almost anything you’d like except applying to an educational institution. Many colleges and universities are particular in the types of degrees they accept as credit toward a higher degree. Naturally, should you decide to pursue a higher degree, All American University will give you full credit for the degree that you already have, even if it was obtained from another educational institution.

8) How long before I receive my diploma?
In most cases you will receive your degree within 7 days.

9) What does the diploma look like?
Your diploma will be printed on 72- lb parchment paper and bear the seal of All American University. It is a full size 8-1/2 x 11 inches. Larger size diplomas are also available if you really want to show off your accomplishment. View Sample

10) What if I qualify for two degrees?
Persons with substantial life/work experience might qualify for two degrees. You must meet the minimum requirements for each degree in order to receive both.

11) What if my major isn’t listed?
List your preferred major on the order form. If you don’t meet the requirements for that degree we’ll suggest one that’s more appropriate for your qualifications. We are a legally licensed university and can offer only the degree programs for which we have been approved.

12) Do I have to buy transcripts separately?
No, transcripts are included in your graduation package. The transcripts will show the necessary courses of study to meet the requirements of your degree.

13) What date of graduation date will be on my diploma?
Your graduation date will be the day your application is accepted by our university. We cannot back date or post date diplomas. While some universities will issue back dated diplomas, they are NOT legal.


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