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The University was founded to provide educational programs for students whose responsibilities and commitments demonstrate they have the backgrounds of preparation for the attainment of degrees through our programs.

 The University continues to be a leader in quality degree programs. Landford students are enrolled in programs designed for the achievement of personal, professional and career goals. Many of our students are returning to the academic experience after some years away from the classroom. This can be stressful because school is often remembered as an arbitrary, trying routine of theoretical lectures and perfunctory tests. These often seem far removed from real life and are punctuated by parking hassles, overcrowded classrooms and an unsympathetic bureaucracy and exorbitant tuition. Many students graduate from colleges owing enormous sums of money on student loans. Landford believes that you have earned the right to leave this sort of treatment in the past.


Landford programs build a comprehensive body of both theoretical and practical knowledge with an immediate "hands on" benefit. Each program contains courses which are broken down into the appropriate number of lessons to properly teach each course. Students take one course at a time and proceed through the program on a course by course basis. The Landford student receives the benefits of the best aspects of traditional education, but in a nontraditional mode sensitive to the needs of the learner and respectful of that which the student brings to the program experientially.