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WelcomeFrom the President

It is with great hope and pride that I welcome you to our shared journey. For many years, Landford University has made the dream of higher education a reality for many talented and motivated working adults. We are honored to include you in that group, and know that you have come to us with much to teach, as well as much to learn.

This website will be your guide for the journey we are taking together. I know that you will use it wisely as you make your way toward the goals you have set—and in the unexpected turns you may take as well.

As the saying goes, "It's not where you start, it's where you finish." You are beginning from an important place, from a new and renewed commitment to learning; and I have every confidence that your Landford University journey will bring you even further than you now dream possible.

The very best of luck to you,

Marcus Thorton
President, Landford University