Lafayette prizes its independence and its international, multi-cultural and multi-racial
student body and faculty. LU believes in forging links between academic disciplines,
between the world of learning and the world of work, and between nations, so many of
which are represented by its culturally-heterogeneous student body. It is on the basis
of these principles and values that Lafayette University provides its special education.
This includes:
- A commitment to academic freedom.

- A disciplined exploration of ideas.

- Rational discourse, clear thinking, and articulate self-expression.

- A tolerance of, and an appreciation for intellectual and cultural differences in a spirit
of global awareness and responsibility.

- Fostering international understanding and humanitarian outreach through mutual co-
operation among students, alumni and friends.

Our vision is global. We believe that learning is not a terminal process or restricted by
boundaries. Therefore, we welcome like-minded learners and educators from all

Our vision is learner-centred. We believe that the academic and career goals of each
learner are paramount, and treat learners as experienced equals in the learning process
either through distance or through traditional learning.

Our vision is open learning. We believe in strongly supporting open and distance learning
in its many forms. We design programmes to maximise effective learning and combine
technology (eg. the Internet, multimedia) with traditional methods (eg. face-to-face
teaching at our learning centres worldwide).

The Message