Future Students
Deciding what college to attend is one of the most important
deliberations you will ever face. Finding out about colleges
early in your college search can help you start thinking about
the qualities you are searching for in a college.

Welcome to Lafayette University. This web site is designed to
introduce you to the programs and activities, the admissions
and financial aid policies, and other services available to you.
Lafayette University is an outstanding comprehensive
institution with a long and proud tradition of excellence.

As you will see, Lafayette is more than a university of higher-
learning. It's the place where your future will begin to unfold.
It's the place where you'll be so impressed by our programs
and our people that "college" will take on a new meaning. Look
and see!

Our Pledge To You...
Provide diverse learning experiences, which give our students an advantage in the workplace, at academic
institutions, and in access to global opportunities.

Expand our impact by providing learning opportunities for new and diverse groups of constituents.

Become a focal point for learning and cooperative development in the worldwide community.

Increase access to learning opportunities beyond our conventional boundaries of location and time.

Develop our physical facilities and our technological capacity in order to promote learning by students and

Be creative in the acquisition and use of resources to facilitate learning.

Develop a faculty and staff that are committed to respecting our students' diversity of culture and educational
backgrounds, and equally committed to providing diverse learning opportunities to address students' unique

Be active in identifying and addressing our communities' educational needs, and be active across the University
in promoting our capacities, services, and opportunities.

Improve student success by assessing educational experiences for our students and continually work to make
these experiences better.