Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid at Lafayette University will enhance the overall quality of
the student body by providing financial assistance and service to qualified students
who lack the financial resources to attend Lafayette. We will contribute to the
success of Lafayette's enrollment goals by utilizing all of our expert knowledge,
advanced technology, and communication skills to creatively manage financial aid
resources within the current guidelines set by the university administration; and by
developing new avenues of assistance.

Operating Philosophy and Values
The Lafayette University Office of Financial Aid will be service driven and results

We will be sensitive, ethical and fair with our students and their families, always
striving to make decisions that are consistent and equitable.

We will be committed to building and maintaining a sense of community that fosters
mutual trust, cooperation, and respect among staff members and that engenders a
shared sense of personal and professional pride in our competence and performance

We will strive to disburse the most up-to-date information to students by keeping
abreast of changes in various financial aid programs as well as providing quality
education and training
to all office personnel.

We will fully respect and honor our students' financial confidentiality.

We will strive to maintain an 'open door' policy so that all students can receive
prompt and accessible service. Every employee will be involved in direct customer

We will fully support and contribute to Lafayette's goal of fostering a pluralistic
academic environment that is open and sensitive to people of all cultures.

Although each of us has important special duties and responsibilities, we will be
flexible in helping meet overall office needs. We will never say "that's not my job."

We will always strive to be positive about ourselves, our colleagues, our
responsibilities and the University, and to translate that energy into positive activities
and outcomes.

Excellence is our common goal and professionalism our standard.

We will measure our performance by:
Setting key success indicators for each aspect of the financial aid process and raising
these targets every year.

Analyzing carefully all comments received from our students and their families and
members of the university community regarding our operation and service to see what
worked most effectively and to target areas requiring changes.