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Dear Student,

The opportunity for working adults to further their formal education has never been better than it is now. A college degree has become an invaluable credential for a rapidly increasing number of professions. Unfortunately for many thousands of working adults, the commitments involved in maintaining a career, along with the pressures and demands of family life, form virtually insurmountable obstacles for a return to school to earn the degree they need or desire.

Recognizing this dilemma, Lacrosse University was developed to offer a wide variety of distance education programs, which lead to degrees that do not place the usual time and on-campus attendance requirements on adult learners.

There are many benefits to studying at home, as thousands of students have discovered. Perhaps one of the most useful benefits is that you can enroll in a degree program that interests you at any time. There are no on-site classes to attend, no traveling is necessary, course work may be completed at your leisure, when it best fits into your schedule, and you receive individualized attention from your instructor(s) for the duration of your studies.

Lacrosse University is committed to offering distance education courses in the most convenient and effective formats available, in order to afford its' students the opportunity to earn a college degree. As a nontraditional university, our degree programs have been developed to take into consideration the wealth of knowledge gained through an individual's LIFE/WORK EXPERIENCES, and equate it to college level credit. Some additional options utilized by Lacrosse to grant college level credit are through credit transfer, curriculum study, proficiency examinations and others.

Now that you're serious about your education, consider a university that's serious about it too. Lacrosse University works!

I look forward to welcoming you as a student of Lacrosse University.

Colleen T. Boyer, Ph.D.

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