Lacrosse University was founded to fulfill the educational needs of professional and working adults who wish to expand their formal education within their field of expertise. In addition to recognizing prior learning, we offer a fresh and unique approach to traditional subject matter. By maintaining flexible schedules, we can facilitate the educational process to fit the needs of all of our students.

Lacrosse University's mission is to provide career-oriented, working adults with a practical alternative to traditional residential universities. A primary goal of Lacrosse University's program is to select a rich diversity of students with various work and life experiences. There are no required prerequisites for prospective students other than four years of work experience. Therefore, students with all types of backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Previous academic performance, work experience and recommendations are some of the factors considered by Lacrosse University administration.

Click here for a list of some of the companies that employ or have employed students attending Lacrosse University. Many of these companies provide the financing necessary for these students to obtain both graduate and undergraduate degrees.


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