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Is Lacrosse University Accredited?
Yes, The World Association of Universities and Colleges accredits Lacrosse University. The WAUC is a Global Private Accrediting Agency.
For additional information about our accreditation you may contact W.A.U.C. via phone (702) 990-3204, or you can visit their web site at www.web-hed.com/wauc/

How long has Lacrosse University been in business?
Lacrosse University has been accepting new students since September 1999. Currently we have close to 800 actively enrolled students. Lacrosse University has an open enrollment policy, which means students are enrolling and graduating on a daily basis.

How does the tuition cost compare between traditional
education and distance learning?

The cost of a degree achieved through distance learning is a fraction of the cost of a degree offered through traditional residential study programs. The reason is simple. In distance learning students do not pay for extra curricular costs such as stadiums, classroom maintenance, University security, Student Centers, sporting programs, and so forth. Therefore, distance learning programs are much more affordable because operating costs are significantly less.

What are the University’s colors?
The University’s colors are teal blue and silver.

Do I have to purchase my textbooks through Lacrosse University?
Lacrosse University has a bookstore for the convenience of students, however we will provide you with a booklist and you may purchase your textbooks locally or online if you prefer.

Do I have to take the courses in the order that they appear on my course outline?
It is not required that students follow the order of the curriculum outline.

What is the difference between earning a degree with a traditional University and a distance learning University such as Lacrosse?
The major difference is the method of learning. Resident study, by its very nature, is inflexible and instruction is generally delivered on a group basis as opposed to an independent basis. With Lacrosse University distance learning degree programs, your method of learning is individualized, using an independent study format and a one to one tutorial method. Study time is done at the student’s convenience, and instruction is designed to progress at the individual student’s level.

What is credit for “work/life” experience?
The process is termed “challenge.” Work and life experience is credit granted by Lacrosse University for job training, seminars, military training and life experience. Work and life experience translates into University credit when there is a substantial correlation between on the job training and/or life experience and the course requirement(s).

Methods of Course Completion:

Transfer Credit - are courses that a student has completed as another University that are similar in content and description to the course the student is required to take at Lacrosse University. The student would supply Lacrosse University with official transcripts for evaluation of transfer credit.

Work/Life Experience - is granted when the student has the equivalent knowledge of a course requirement and that knowledge has been gained through work/life experience. The student may supply documentation on a course by course basis by means of training seminars/certificates, third party verification (past or current employers), and by writing a brief synopsis of that course. The Student would attach the documentation to a Challenge Form that is supplied in the Student Forms packet. After faculty reviews the Challenge, finds it acceptable, the student will receive a grade. Challenging course work is done after registering as a student.

Curriculum Study - course requirements not met through transfer credit or work/life experience will be completed through Curriculum Study. This simply means the student would obtain the required text, read the text and then complete the comprehensive, open book final exam. If an exam is not available the student would write a short (10 page) Applied Knowledge Paper that would demonstrate a knowledge of the required text and an ability to apply that knowledge to their specific situation.

How long does it take to complete a degree program? When can I graduate?
Lacrosse University utilizes an open enrollment policy, allowing students to work at their own pace without the stringent guidelines presented by the traditional academic year. Each degree program has an allotted time for completion and most students complete their degree obligations well within the time allotment.

Will credits from Lacrosse University transfer to other institutions of higher learning?
Credit transfer varies widely. The fact that an institution is accredited does not mean another school accredited by a different association will automatically accept transfer of credit.
It is the responsibility of each student to determine, prior to registration with Lacrosse University, that his or her degree program will meet admission or transfer requirements with regard to another institution.

Will I be certified in the state in which I live, or in any state?
The answer depends on the certification requirements of a particular state, as they may vary widely. Each state sets its own standards, criteria, and laws with regard to certification and licensing. It is the student’s responsibility to determine in advance whether or not the degree program will meet a certification or licensing requirement. This is very important because each state may have different requirements and those may change periodically.

Will my diploma and/or transcript specify distance learning or external studies?
No, there will be nothing noted on either the diploma or the transcript that reflects the learning was done at a distance.