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Time Requirements
All programs are designed to be completed within a specific time frame. However, a student may work at his/her own pace, and may request an extension if necessary, or complete the degree requirements in a shorter period of time.

Associate Degree Ten (10) Months
Bachelor Degree Twelve (12) Months
Master Degree Fourteen (14) Months
Doctorate Fourteen (14) Months
Combined Bachelor/Master* Sixteen (16) Months
Combined Master/Doctorate* Sixteen (16) Months
Juris Doctor** Eighteen (18) Months
Juris Doctor Specialist** Twenty-Four (24) Months
Professional Degrees Twenty-Four (24) Months

Doctoral Programs offered through our Mississippi Location only.

*Combined degree programs: student must have 87% of first degree completed.
** Law programs are educational programs designed to assist persons in business, industry, and government, and are not intended to be used in preparation for State Bar Exams.

Graduation Requirements
Graduation is achieved when all courses of study prescribed by the University and agreed to by the student, are satisfactorily completed. Graduation may occur at any time, if the student has completed study requirements, met all financial obligations, and submitted a request for graduation.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each student to determine, prior to registering with Lacrosse University, that their degree program of interest or studies, meet admission or transfer requirements to other public or private educational institutions. The University makes no representations, promises, or guarantees of employment; or acceptability of transfer credit(s) to any public or private educational institution.

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