King's University
Throughout history, advances in technology have shaped our lives and, for better or
worse, changed our environment. At King's University we have created the School of
Technology and Environment where teaching and research across different, yet
complimentary, academic departments will provide you with a rewarding, relevant and
high quality educational experience.

Whatever your needs, a feature of the School is its close links with industry through
research, consultancy and the provision of educational courses to practitioners. These
links enable course content to be placed within an industrial, commercial and professional

The School combines the expertise of three academic areas. These include: the School
of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the School of Engineering and the School of
Environmental Studies.

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences which instructs students in a range
of programs at undergraduate and graduate diploma levels covering the areas of
Computing, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics and Statistics. As
well as access to University-wide IT facilities, students are provided with up-to-date
specialist computing facilities within the School. Always keen to keep abreast of new
developments, new programs are continually implemented and recently include
postgraduate and undergraduate programs in Interactive Multimedia Systems.

All this cutting edge research feeds into the University's teaching materials at both
undergraduate and graduate levels. Quality inspections have seen City Zoning and
Development Planning, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics,
Civil Engineering, Building, Land and Property Management, and General Engineering all
pass the assessments with flying colors.

Because of the King's strong industrial links internationally, some students are provided
with a wide range of placement opportunities. In addition, we have undergraduate,
graduate and research links with many overseas universities and every year we welcome
students to our courses from across the world. We have a particularly high proportion of
international students from developing economies and many continue to study at the
postgraduate level.

The School of Environment Studies is made up of a number of elements - its environment
and especially its students. Whether a student is studying for a bachelors degree, a
masters degree or a doctorate, the School prides itself on providing a quality learning
experience which is kept constantly under review with an eye to continuous
improvement. Undergraduate and graduate degree specialized majors include:
Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, City Planning and Design, Urban
Development, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Real Estate Management and
those areas that impact community development.