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See Also: Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit
The School of Psychology has historically had a core of research active staff producing publications in major peer reviewed journals over a number of years. This has involved collaboration in the University with the School of Education, the Business School, the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School for Health Studies, and externally with other academic institutions, industry and local government. More recently, the CAP has experienced an increase in personnel, together with an expansion in space, research facilities and activities. There is now a desire to build on and expand this existing base and to produce quality research in a range of new areas such as human factors, cognition, developmental psychology, counselling and substance abuse.
The aims and objectives of the School involve:
  • Supporting and facilitating all School staff and research students in their research activities.
  • Encouraging all School staff to contribute towards the development of an active research culture through engagement and collaboration with the wider academic community both within CAP and the university, and more broadly in regional, national and international settings.
  • Consolidating and expanding existing research projects and developing new research initiatives.
  • An emphasis on generating high quality research, both pure and applied in nature.
  • Constructing an effective infrastructure for supporting research activity within the School, e.g., effective in terms of structures, mechanisms, procedures, facilities, organisation and management.
  • Seeking an expansion in the number of research students and promoting their effective supervision.
  • Promoting initiatives for securing both external and internal funding for research activities from a range of sources.
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Recent Developments
Recruitment of new staff has provided an opportunity to review and develop the School’s research activities. Over the last 36 months, the School has recruited ten new full-time staff. Dr Anne-Marie Adams (Manchester University), Dr Simon Cooper (Liverpool University), Dr Stephen Fairclough (Loughborough University), Dr John E Fisk (Edge Hill College), Dr Yvonne Harrison (Loughborough University), Dr Angela Nananidou (Liverpool University), Professor Andy Tattersall (Cardiff University) and Dr Cath Willis (Liverpool Hope University College) were recruited externally and Ms Nadine Boojawon from within the School. In addition, Dr Russell Newcombe has been appointed to a part-time post, primarily as programme leader for the Masters’ course in Drugs and Addiction. The full time appointments will further strengthen research within the cognition and developmental psychology areas as well as within the human factors area.
The list of publications of School staff since January 1996, including a large number in major national and international peer reviewed journals, demonstrates a substantial increase in this measure of research activity during the last three years. Research income awarded to School staff totalled £134,400 in 1996/97, £161,900 in 1997/98, £30,000 in 1999/2000, £79,660 in 2000/2001, and £234000 (includes a joint award with University of Bristol) so far in 2001/2002.
The majority of staff members have doctorates or are working towards completion of their PhD research. The principal research activities of the School are organised within four existing groupings. These reflect the research interests of staff members and also to an extent map onto the teaching programmes at Masters level.

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