King's University
Scientific discoveries change lives. From the detection of new planets and the unearthing
of our biological ancestors to the development of nuclear power and penicillin, scientific
innovation is the key to unlocking the future. We hope your future is with us.

Welcome to the School of Science at King's University where you will find a diverse and
exciting range of academic programs. Whatever your needs, undergraduate,
postgraduate, professional or technical, the School of Science has a range of programs
that will provide you with a rewarding, relevant and high quality educational experience.

The Faculty comprises six academic areas: the School of Astrophysics, the School of
Biological and Earth Sciences, the School of Biomolecular Sciences, the School of
Chemistry, the School of Psychology and the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences.

The School of Astrophysics was established at King's University in March 1992. Current
research spans topics in stellar astronomy including novae and related stars; regions of
star formation; brown dwarfs, extra-solar planets and the environments of Be stars. Work
in the area of extragalactic astronomy and cosmology encompasses galactic dynamics;
interacting and merging galaxies; the evolution of galaxies, and large-scale structure.

The School of Biological and Earth Sciences areas include biochemistry, cancer,
toxicology, medical cell biology, immunological method development, biochemistry of
nutrition, waste water treatment, fermentation technology, antibiotic production,
mycology, microbial genetics and photosynthesis.

The School of Psychology has historically had a core of research active staff producing
publications in major peer reviewed journals over a number of years. This has involved
collaboration in the University with the School of Education, Schools within the Faculty of
Business and Law, the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, the School of
Biomedical Sciences and the School of Nursing and Healthcare Studies and externally with
other institutions, industry and local government. More recently, the School has
expanded it's existing programs to produce quality research in a range of new areas such
as human factors, cognition, developmental psychology, counselling and substance

The School of Sports and Exercise Science provides programs in Sports Physiology,
Sports Psychology, Sports Management, Sports Biomechanics and Sports Therapy.