King's University
It is my proud privilege to greet you all and extend my best wishes for success in all your
academic ventures. The twenty first century will go down in history as an age when all
human activities, intellectual and physical, are influenced and modified by information
technology. At the heart of the mandate of this technology is the pursuit of connections.
The information superhighway seeks to enhance the connections not only among people
and cultures or countries and communities but also between hopes and aspirations. In
contemporary world computers, modems, scanners, fax machines, multimedia and internet
have not only invaded the workplace and educational scene but have also become
commonplace tools for carrying out the routine activities of day to day human existence.

I am glad to inform you that the King's University continually strives to be a global
partner in this more horizontally connected pursuit of knowledge. It is both a matter of
pleasure and satisfaction for me to welcome you to the official website of King's
University, designed to build bridges within and beyond the University; between the
University and other individuals and institutions, including students worldwide. It will play
a significant role in promoting awareness and disseminating vital information about the
various programs and activities conducted within the University itself.

Innovative computer-enhanced research initiatives, especially those that systematically
explore academic and social issues in an international context, have been the priority
areas for the University. In undertaking these initiatives and in developing a state-of-the
art infrastructure, King's University is committed to contributing to teaching and research
initiatives relevant to contemporary world revolutionized by the information technology.

The establishment of the University's School of Technology with it's integrated programs,
is a well timed step to respond to the needs and challenges of an emerging and
expanding hi-tech scenario within and beyond the school. It is a laudable beginning to
prove that the King's University is aware of the requirements of an ever changing
academic and professional world. It further shows that the University is committed to
update the teaching and research methodology and focus on ways to support and
promote the work of the merging generation of students, researchers and teachers in
whose hands lies the future of King's University. I assure you this focus will be maintained
in the coming years and take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about the new
initiatives at King's University.

Dr. Howard Walker, DBA
Vice President and Dean
of the University Graduate School