King's University
Everyone remembers their favourite teacher. In addition to Teacher Training, the School
excels in a wide range of areas from Home Economics and Consumer Studies to Dance
and Sports Education. Whatever your needs, undergraduate, postgraduate, professional
or technical, the School of Education, along with the Departments of Community and
Leisure, will provide you with a rewarding, relevant and high quality educational

The School of Education comprises of three academic areas: the School of Education,
the School of the Outdoors, Leisure and Food, and the School of Physical Education,
Sports and Dance. The School of Education provides a significant research contribution
to improving educational practice in schools, colleges, educational agencies and
partnerships, and is fully involved in international, national and regional Continuing
Professional Development (CPD) networks as well as major educational initiatives.

Through our teaching, research and professional activities, the School of education aims
to be at the forefront of knowledge creation about education.

We will use that knowledge to promote the role of education as an agent of social
change and justice and to enhance individual development.

It serves the foundation of our work with scholars, researchers, educators, and the
community. We value...

- equal access for all individuals to an education

- education as a force for change

- each other's differences and thus value an inclusive university environment

- intellectual inquiry and the generation of new knowledge exchange between research
and teaching

- our own continued learning

- freedom of thought the academy as a commentator of social issues

- excellence in academic discourse