King's University
The business world surrounds us all. If you think you'll need the skills to take tough
managerial decisions or analyze world markets, exploit international trade links or
understand legal small print, the School of Business and Law at King's University will cater
to all your needs through a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional
program options.

And if you have a burning desire to start your own business then we can help with that
too. Within many of our programs, entrepreneurship is a key theme and an increasing
number of our students are taking the plunge, with our support, to set up their own
enterprises. Enthusiasm and energy can go a long way in the business arena but you'll
need more than that. At the School of Business and Law you'll be taught by experienced
and motivated staff and your efforts will be rewarded with a relevant and high quality
educational experience. We'll help you to enter the workplace with a range of business
and legal skills that will engender confidence and the will to succeed.

The School comprises five academic areas: the School of Accounting, Finance and
Economics, the School of Business Information, the School of Law, The School of
Languages and the School of Management. The School has strong industrial and
academic links in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and Asia, giving
students a host of placement options. Our graduates are highly regarded by a wide range
of employers. In addition, the School has undergraduate, postgraduate and research links
with many worldwide universities and every year we welcome students to our courses
from across the globe.

The School is engaged in a number of 'real world' research projects in a wide range of
business and legal areas. This work is coordinated by the School's research bodies
including: the Centre for International Banking and Finance, the Centre for Public Service
Management and the Centre for Criminal Justice. In addition, the Faculty provides tailored
programs and training to businesses, local authorities and law enforcement bodies.

The School's research, together with its links with business organizations, helps feed into
its teaching material within undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Academic
inspections have reflected the School's reputation for offering courses that meet all the
needs of today's students and employers. The areas of Business and Management in
addition to Economics, help student's prepare for an international perspective.