King's University
Whatever your needs, undergraduate, postgraduate or professional, the School of Health
and Applied Social Sciences will provide you with a rewarding, relevant and high quality
educational experience. In addition to the Faculty's strong tradition of providing a variety
of programs, students often embark on careers within the fields of education, the
voluntary sector, the police, the prison service, the probation sector, social welfare and
nursery work.

And to ensure that our courses are relevant and contemporary, the School works in close
collaboration with partner stakeholders in health and social care, youth organizations and
community groups in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Collaboration also takes
place with local authorities, further and adult education, learning and skills councils and
service user representatives worldwide and maintains good links with Dominica and Save
the Children.

Research, scholarship, enterprise and consultancy are regarded as central to the
University's educational provision. Research projects include: professionals' perceptions of
childhood, attitudes towards health in primary school children, psychological stress in
pregnancy and the role of fathers in the labor ward. Research in the field of social work
relates to community care services, housing and poverty. The King's University Public
Health Observatory (KUPHO) within the School is an observatory in health production and
substance misuse and provides comprehensive access to public health information and
expertise to inform and shape health policies and best practise.

All this research expertise is reflected through excellent results of internal quality
reviews. During the most recent University quality inspections by the International
Council for Accreditation and Academic Standards (ICAAS), Health Studies received
positive grades for it's delivery and instruction methods. In the review, the inspector's
report confirmed that: 'the well-organized and planned curriculum produces practitioners
who are fit for practice.'

The School of Health and Applied Social Sciences provides a wide range of certificates,
diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the areas of social work and social
care, youth and community work, mental health, counselling, health, healing, human
development, health promotion, health policy and evaluation, and other related health