King's University
The Mission of King's University

"Our mission is to serve and enrich our students, clients and communities by providing
opportunities for advancement through education, training, research and the transfer of

Our Purpose
The purpose of King's University as perceived by its members and stakeholders can be
summarised as follows:

To create appropriate high-quality opportunities that enable learning, advancement,
development, and employment, and that are open to as many individuals and communities
as is achievable and sustainable.

To create and support opportunities for successful participation by under-represented
groups, as well as for continuing personal, professional and skills development for all
members of the University.

To create an environment in which staff and students can engage in research that is
innovative; that contributes to knowledge or to professional practice; that encourages
personal and professional development; that enhances learning; or that is of social or
economic importance to communities.

To reinforce the entire range of activities with a culture of scholarship, and with a
growing body of specific research that is consistently of national and international
standing and benefit.

To endeavour through partnership and enterprise to impact upon economic development
and regeneration, as well as social and cultural advancement, whether at local, national
or international levels.

The Core Values of King's University

Full realization of the Mission can only be achieved by a collaborative approach on the
part of everyone in the organization, so that individual attitudes and behaviour are key to
success. The values and conduct to which staff aspire, and wish to foster and sustain,
can be summarized as follows:

- To put the needs of our students and clients at the heart of our work

- To help all learners reach their full potential

- To aspire to excellence in all areas of activity

- To demonstrate fairness, equality of opportunity and respect to all

- To endeavour to maintain high ethical and professional standards

- To seek continuous review and improvement of performance

- To respond constructively to the responsibilities of empowerment

- To facilitate the empowerment of others and to encourage collaboration and teamwork

- To question accepted views and to defend independence of thought

- To celebrate and reward success