Kendall University Orientation to Online Learning

We as everyone else understand that the beginning of something can present certain problems that were at first unseen or never thought of. We have designed this demonstration course as an online orientation to our standard courses at Kendall.

Online classes differ because students receive and in most cases transmit their assignments by using their computers over the Internet. Students taking an online class work largely on their own. It has been said that it is very similar to doing an independent study in the traditional classroom setting. Kendall does require students to have interaction with fellow students and instructors on a regular basis. These interactions take place through the use of electronic conference rooms, email, and regular telephone conversations. Students are encouraged to contact their instructor by email, or by phone if they have questions or are in need of additional assistance.

We encourage you to view our online orientation, and return as many times as you may need. I think you will find that our courses are simple to understand, and just as simple to use. When you are ready, click here to begin your Orientation Demonstration Course.

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