Our Mission at Kendall University

The mission of Kendall University is to educate its students "for the different professions and for the honorable discharge of the duties of life."

Established and sustained within the free and open traditions, this university is committed to being a teaching-learning community of the highest order, engaged in the pursuit of truth from a scholars perspective.

We intend to graduate persons with a global perspective who are competent, caring, creative, generous persons of character and potential.

We will build those quality programs that will enable each member of the university to become stronger in body, mind, and spirit, to experience what it means to be part of a team.

Since this commitment to quality higher education makes Kendall University a distinctive educational institution, it is important to state clearly the perspectives which establish and inform its life.

As a virtual institution of higher learning, Kendall University exists to assist students in their quest not only for relevant knowledge, meaningful relationships and useful skills, but also for maturity in self-understanding, and personal values. Its curricular design and community life seek to unite the objectivity and rigor of academic inquiry with a sense of perspective and mission emerging from technological innovation.

Kendall University seeks to highlight the freedom of the mind through inquiry, to emphasize the importance of individual worth and and to foster the achievement of true community through shared experience and commitment. Specifically, Kendall University seeks to provide a superior education. As an institution centered in the liberal arts, Kendall University is dedicated to cultivating in each individual an awareness of the physical world, a sense of history, an appreciation of culture, spiritual maturity, a global perspective, social conscience and an interest in the worth of ideas regardless of their immediate utility.

In addition, the university seeks to prepare thoughtful leaders who are able to enter and compete successfully in graduate schools or the professional fields of their choice. Professional preparation and the liberal arts are not held as antithetical. To the contrary, the aspiration is to bring together the liberal arts, professional preparation, and understanding. The university community has a perspective of truth and is prepared to raise the questions of truth, value, meaning and morality.

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