James Monroe University offers two different types of Degree and Certificate Programs: Degrees and Certificates by Experiential Learning/Life Credits, and Online Degree and Online Certificate Programs. Tuition and fee schedules for both types of programs are provided below.

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Tuition & Fees

Degree & Certificate Programs via Experential Learning
and Life Experiences

Processing/Assessment Fee: $50
Associates Degree: $1,250
Bachelors Degree: $1,800
Masters Degree: $2,100
Doctorates Degree: $2,700
Combined Bachelor/Masters: $3,500 (discounted $400.00)
Combined Masters/Ph.D Program: $4,400 (discounted $400.00)
Certificate Courses: $900

The above fees are scheduled for the year 2003. Fees are subject to change as determined by the University. However, those enrolled in a degree program will maintain the fee posted on the date of their official enrollment. Official enrollment requires a tuition payment and the admission fee.

Please review our NO interest payment plan below.

IMPORTANT: the above fees are for Experiential Degree and Experiential Certificate Programs only. Fees for "online degree" programs are below.

Tuition and Fees


Associate & Bachelors Degrees - $350.00 per course

Masters and Ph.D/Doctorate Degrees - $425.00 per course


Our affiliation status with a degree granting university means your degree is conferred with an accreditation by the National Board of Education, Inc. This board is approved by a Department of Education Ministry and such approvals render the degree equivalent to a United States Regionally Accredited Degree. Our students are able to get an official letter from an approved agency, attesting to the degree equivalent to a US Regionally Accredited Degree. Also, our students from outside the USA are able to obtain an Apostille letter, which is often necessary to have their degree validated as legal in other countries.

At the time of graduation from James Monroe University, there is a one-time graduation fee ( which is in addition to the above quoted tuition fee for the degree). This graduation fee covers the students’ graduation and degree conferral from James Monroe University, and the affiliate. Your official records, transcripts will always remain on file with James Monroe University, as well as the affiliate. By graduating from James Monroe University our graduate enjoy the benefits of the accreditation from the National Board of Education Inc. We are one of very few schools offering distance education and online education that is able to confer degrees with this level of accreditation. This is a wonderful benefit to our students. We highly encourage you to please review all information regarding our affiliate status, and the tremendous benefits to you. You may access full information regarding accreditation at http://www.jamesmonroeuniversity.edu.lr/accreditation.htm

The one-time graduation fees are:

$ 225.00 - US Certificates
$ 300.00 - US Associate Degree
$ 450.00 - US Bachelors Degree
$ 550.00 - US Masters Degree
$ 650.00 - US Doctorate/PhD Degrees

This fee is payable at the time of graduation.

Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Refunds are granted in accordance with the refund policy listed herein. The school shall issue a refund via postal mail to the applicant as outlined herein within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Signed Notice of Cancelation Form.


The applicant must submit a signed "Notice of Cancelation Form" as described herein by postal mail or fax. An established link to a printable Notice of Cancelation Form is located in the classroom which may be accessed with the user name and password issued to the applicant after tuition is paid to the School.

Postal Mail Address:

James Monroe University
P.O. Box 1144
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

NOTE: the marked date as placed on the envelope by the post office shall be the established date of notice.

Fax Number: 208-935-0392


Pursuant the refund schedule listed below, the time shall commence from the date in which the applicant was issued a user name and password by the School.

100% refund - 1st through the 15th day
50% refund - 16th through the 30th day
0% refund - After 30 days

Please note: "days" are calendar days.


Applicant understands that the fifty dollar ($50.00) processing fee required prior to the initial assessment is a non-refundable fee.

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Payment Plan Option

For Programs by Experiential Learning

We offer a NO interest payment plan for our students in experiential degree programs. Students may chose from one of the following two options:

1. Students may pay their tuition in full and receive a 10% discount off the above prices.

2. Students may pay $ 500.00 down, with the next payment due 90 days after, and the balance due at the time of graduation.

The second payment (due at 90 days) by degree program is:

Certificate $200.00
Associate Degree $300.00
Bachelors Degree $500.00
Masters Degree $600.00
PhD/Doctorate Degree $800.00
Combined BS/MS $1,500.00
Combined MS/PhD $1,700.00

* Prices above due not include the graduation fee.
* Balance and graduation fee due at time of graduation.


For Online Degree Programs

Online degree programs, online certificate programs and continuing education courses are priced "per course." Course prices are found on the specific website pages detailing degrees, certificates and continuting education courses. To enroll in a course, students must pay for the course in full. Upon receipt of payment, students are provided with a unique password to enter the virtual classrooms. We accept all major credit cards via our online credit card server, and we accept personal checks and money orders.

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