1. Will I graduate from James Monroe University?

RESPONSE: You will graduate from Breyer State University. Also, you will receive a degree and transcripts from our affiliated University. This provides you with the added benefit of National Board of Education, Inc. accreditation of your degree.

2. How will my diploma read?

RESPONSE: Your diploma will feature the degree earned and awarded. It will display that you are a graduate of James Monroe University. You will also receive a second diploma with the affiliation status held by Breyer State University. Of course your diploma will have your date of degree conferral, etc. Our diplomas are beautiful and are scripted in Old English and printed with two-color special ink for lifetime preservation. Diplomas are received in beautiful leather-like diploma holders.

2. How will my official transcripts read?

RESPONSE: Your official transcripts will be conferred by Bryer State University. All courses taken and/or earned will be displayed, as well as semester hours of credit per course. Your transcript will note your degree award from James Monroe University. You will also receive a set of transcripts with the affiliate status. Your official transcripts will remain on file at James Monroe University, as well as at our affiliate.

4. What is meant by Attestation, Notarized Authentication and Apostille?

RESPONSE: Accreditation from the National Board of Education, Inc., from our affiliate status means that your degree will have approval by Evaluation & Attestation of Educational Credentials by The National Academy of Higher Education, (NAHE). NAHE has determined that the degrees awarded have been found to be the equivalent to the same studies which would be undertaken in the United States at a regionally, accredited University, College or institute. You may obtain an individualized Attestation Report of this equivalency for $150.

As such, your degree can be attested as to their equivalence to regionally accredited degrees through the world renowned Interfaith Education Ministries Credentials Evaluation Service. IEM supports our degree holders by attesting equivalency of their degrees to regionally accredited U.S. degrees.

Notarized Authentication

Authentication consists of a notarized document attached to your degree,
stating that the attached degree document has been fully earned, approved
and granted. The authentication prepares your degree document to be taken before your
secretary of state or embassy where it can be Apostilled, if you wish.
(check to see if this is the procedure in your country).
You may order a special notarized document that may be used to have your diploma authenticated by the Authentication Office of the United States Department of State, or another country.

This notarized document attests to the authenticity of the degree certificate which is attached to a copy of your degree certificate.
Many clients report that Authentication/Notary is all that is needed (without the Apostille). The Authentication document is $295


The Apostille (with official seal) legalizes the notarized
authenticity report of your degree and transcripts. Once it is Apostilled, if your country
is one of the members of the Hague Convention found at, your country will automatically recognize your degree as being authentic.

Your documents will be apostilled at a US Secretary of State Department.
This can be done in any state (legally it does not matter which state Apostilles them). This month all Apostilles are being done in Arizona. The fee for a State Apostille is $695 (subject to change). This process takes approximately 10 business days.

If you wish to have them Apostilled in WA DC the fee is $1200.

NOTE: If the country in which you intend to use your degree is not a member of
the Hague Convention, you will need a Certificate of Authentication instead.
We can provide a Certificate of Authentication including the Embassy Seal of the country
in which you will be using your degree, if the embassy is present in WA DC).The total fee is $1800.


An Attestation Report is a document that attests that your degree is
equivalent to a regionally accredited US or Canadian degree. We recommend that you have your documents evaluated by any of the following institutes:

WES at
IEM at

These institutes guaranty to all holders of JMU/Saint Regis degrees, an official
report of US equivalency.

5. I am a resident of the United States. Must I acquire Attestation, Notarized Authentication and Apostilles?

RESPONSE: No. This is much more important for our students living outside of the United States. Many countries require these official documentations for graduates to have their degrees accepted in their own countries. However, many employers and government agencies do require a form of authentication and/or attestation. If this would be required of you, then you have full services available to receive Attestation and/or Notarized Authentication of your degree.

6. What if my country (outside the United States) is not a member of the Hague Convention, must I still have an Apostille?

RESPONSE: An Apostille would not be required. However, if the country in which you intend to use your degree is not a member of the Hague Convention, you will need a Certificate of Authentication from the Authentication Office of the United States Department of State instead. We can provide this Certificate of Authentication, PLUS the embassy stamp of the country in which you will be using your degree, if is it present in WA DC). The total fee is $1800. This process takes approximately 21 business days.

Apostillation or Authentication of our university degrees and transcripts may be helpful for Immigration and Employment assistance.

7. How do I ascertain if my country (outside the US) is a member of the Hague Convention?

RESPONSE: for a list of the member countries and for more related information, click here.

8. What fees may be involved with graduation?

RESPONSE: At the time of graduation, there is a one time fee assessed for processing your graduation from JMU and receiving your degree from our affiliate status University.

The current fee assessments are:

$ 225.00 - US Certificates
$ 300.00 - US Associate Degree
$ 450.00 - US Bachelors Degree
$ 550.00 - US Masters Degree
$ 650.00 - US Doctorate/PhD Degrees

9. How can I verify the approval of the affiliate status and accreditation by the National Board of Education, Inc. by the Division of Accreditation, Ministry of Education ?

RESPONSE: You may contact,

The Embassy of Liberia
First Secretary Console General
Abdulah K . Dunbar
5201 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 723-0437
For all other questions, please contact James Monroe University at 208-935-0233.

If you require additional information, please request it at:




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