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Mission Statement

James Monroe University exists to provide newer, innovative and affordable higher education programs and courses that meet the needs of a wide and diverse market. We support an adult model of education that is focused, self-paced and supported by dedicated and accomplished faculty. We believe in and support the philosophy of distance education in a virtual setting. We believe that advancing technologies will support our mission and allow us to soon become a recognized leader in delivering innovative models of education in this new millennium.

James Monroe University is fast becoming a leader in distance education by offering innovative program and curriculum designs. We are a virtual University offering full programs, including Online Degree Programs, Degree Programs by Experiential Learning and Credits, College Certificate Programs, and Continuing Education programs and courses in a wide area of specialties.

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Online Degree Programs

Our Online Degree Programs offer opportunities for students to earn Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Level degrees by taking online, self-paced courses. We offer several programs and are constantly working to bring new programs to you.

Experiential Learning & Life Credits Degree Programs

Our Degree Programs by Experiential Learning and Credits offers accomplished individuals the chance to have experiences, knowledge and skills acquired and other educational program completions to be translated into bona fide college level credits. Experiential Learning Degrees are available at all levels, including College Certificates. Many accomplished students have little course work to complete to earn their degrees. Portfolios are created for evaluation of life experience credits.

Online Certificate Programs

Our College Certificate Programs are designed to provide for 12 semester hours of credits in a specific discipline and focus of study. Programs include online courses that are self-paced and can be taken from anywhere in the world. Graduates are awarded a College Certificate in the specialty. Programs are available in a wide array of disciplines.

Continuing Education Programs

Our Continuing Education Division offers highly affordable courses and programs for those wishing to pursue education with the goal of a degree or certificate. We also offer courses and programs for professionals that can be used for mandatory education requirements by facilities or professional boards.

Please take some time and browse through our website. We provide detailed information on all of our programs. We pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining quality faculty who are most dedicated to producing high quality programs and assisting our students to meet their educational goals. All courses and programs provide for one-to-one student, faculty mentoring.


Why enroll into an Education Program at James Monroe University ?

1. We offer innovative curriculums and programs that speak to a wide variety of needs and markets.
2. Our programs are developed and instructed by top educators and professionals in their fields.
3. Our programs are targeted and precise; providing learning of core material related to the major area of study, rather than requiring non-related and non-specific type courses.
4. All of our programs can be taken from anywhere in the world.
5. Students may begin their programs of study at anytime; no waiting.
6. We offer one of the most affordable higher education programs anywhere.
7. All students have access to academic counseling by the Department of the Dean of Student Affairs, faculty, and administrative staff.
8. We offer a no interest tuition payment plan for all of our programs.
9. We constantly monitor our student's progress and work with students to ensure that course and program objectives are being met.
10. We provide open access for students to communicate with all major disciplines in the University, including administration, finance, registrar, counselors, faculty.
11. We offer state of the art technology in a virtual delivery system to ensure the best experiences possible.
12. We offer support services such as mentoring, counseling, an online store, a bookstore, and much more.
13. We offer students the freedom of learning in a stimulating environment that is geared toward an adult learning model.
14. We are constantly monitoring the work environment and are dedicated to providing substantial growth in the numbers and types of programs and courses offered in the near future.
15. We offer a quick and easy method of online registration and application. You can apply today and begin your program or courses.
15. We are continually recruiting new faculty who are accomplished, experienced and open to constant innovation in education. Those interested in learning more about faculty positions/opportunities may send a request to the Administrative Office.
17. Our leaders and administrators are dedicated to keeping up with the latest issues in higher education and incorporate this knowledge in program development and overall operations of the University.

Thank you for your visit and your interest in James Monroe University. Achieving educational credentials is important in today's world. Learning is a journey and not a destination. It is a lifetime experience. We at Breyer State University are pleased to offer new, innovative models geared to a wide market of prospective students.

Please feel free to email us for additional information and have your questions answered.

life experience degrees and college credits online

Students receive a Degree that allows for official documents of
authentication, attestation, and apostille.
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James Monroe University is an Accredited Member of the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools.

James Monroe University is an Accredited Member of the
Accreditation Governing Commission-USA

We also have a published area of FAQs for your preview with information related to our programs. We do not "hide" our tuition and fees structure. Click here to preview our tuition rates, cancellation policies, and no interest payment plans. You will see that we offer some of the most affordable prices and payment options anywhere. Click here to request information specific to your needs.

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"James Monroe University is not a state specific University and not a State University of Idaho. James Monroe University is a virtual University with headquaters located in Kamiah, Idaho."

Not available to Idaho residents.


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James Monroe University offers online degrees, courses and programs, all by distance education. Degrees online are offered .Degrees by experiential learning are popular for accomplished professionals .Offering online certificate programs Certificates available for experiential learning and we post our degree requirements. We have curriculum requirements for self design degrees. We offer life experience degrees in many areas, We have a Fast Track method .We have a tuition refund policy, Many majors are offered. Tuition plans are available. We disclose full information on accreditation. Students can pay online. Application made online .Requirements for degrees are online. Internet requests are functional. We have degrees in business management, and business administration and financial, also clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy doctorate, masters degree in case management, PhD in nursing science. . Our online degrees in business administration and management include: accounting degrees, financial management, and business management, as well as business administration with a specialty major focus. We now have a bachelor’s degree program in grief counseling and bereavement education leading to certification as a grief counselor. We offer new innovative online degree curriculums such as our self design degree programs. We offer a FAQS page with full information for all degrees and for life credit degrees. We have a stellar faculty from all over the country. We also offer transfer credits for our college online degree programs, as well as application for life experience credits for our university online degrees. Our distance education programs are comprehensive. Doctorate business administration and doctorate in health care administration. An organizational psychology degree is new and one as a certificate. Offering associate degrees too. We have highly qualified faculty and credits for testing. We have a master’s degree in grief counseling. Certificate programs include medical secretary, health care administration, substance abuse and corrections, criminal justice. We have continuing education programs, in these areas abuse, substance abuse, crisis, dual personality, grief, family counseling, relapse prevention, supervision, and medical terminology. We offer continuing education courses for behavioral health care, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, metaphysics and spirituality, and medical terminology. We have a masters degree in case management, a combined masters and DBA, Doctor of Business Administration Degree Program New certificate programs in learning disabilities, human resource management, gerontology, business leadership, marketing management, medical secretary, health care administration, human resource management, we offer college diplomas, we have more ceu courses for hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, and spiritual hypnotherapy, we are certified by central states consortium of colleges and schools and the accreditation governing commission, usa. We have a regression therapy course, and medical assistant. We have full continuing education course information posted. We offer a menu for easy navigation of our site. We also have an executive mba degree and an MBA online degree, masters in grief counseling, a PhD in health adm, associate degree in management, hotel restaurant management . We offer a bachelors degree in health care administration. Other programs include a masters degree program in nursing science, We now offer a certificate program in hotel management, and an online college certificate program in food service management. We have a course catalogue too. Enroll today in the University and obtain your college degree, certificate by experiential learning, virtual classes and courses or obtain continuing education programs and courses in behavioral health, nursing, administration, corrections, learning disabilities, human resource management, grief counseling, case management, nursing case management, marketing , wellness counseling, death , dying , Thanatology, health care, independent study courses, adult continuing education, stress management, restaurant management, law, ethics, social work, computer science, computer technology, theology, metaphysics, mental health, school social work, health education, and engineering. You can obtain a bachelor, masters, mba, doctor of business administration nursing, by credit by exams and life learning through our degree programs and courses and by virtual internet classrooms offering college degrees. We now offer metaphysics and spiritual counseling degrees, leading to a Doctor of Divinity degree and certification as a spiritual counselor. and a degree in e-business and commerce, We have new programs in criminal justice and a masters degree in human resource management. We have also added a new grief counseling bachelor’s degree program. Enroll in our computer science and information technology degree program today. Enroll in our virtual university today for your accredited degrees online, from our online education and online courses, and college certificates, universities, and distance education online, colleges, get your masters degrees, bachelors degrees at our online education college and universities.
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