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Associate Degree

Business Management

Bachelors Degree

Aviation Safety Management

Business Administration
with a Specialty Major

Business Administration
Computer Systems & Information Technology
Criminal Justice
E-Business & Commerce
Financial Management
Grief Counseling &
Bereavment Education
Health Care Administration
Hotel / Restaraunt / Food Service
Metaphysics & Spiritual Counseling (combined BS/MS/D.Div)

Masters Degree

Executive MBA in Leadership
Human Resource Management
Master of Science in Nursing
Masters in Case Management
Masters in Grief Counseling & Thanatology
MBA - Masters in Business Administration
Metaphysics & Spiritual Counseling (combined BS/MS/D.Div)

Doctoral Degrees

Combined Masters/Doctorate Degree in Business Administration
DNS - Doctor of Nursing Science Degree
Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Metaphysics & Spiritual Counseling (combined BS/MS/D.Div)
Ph.D in Health Care Administration
Ph.D in Organizational Psychology


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