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Health Care Programs

Emergency Nursing
Geriatric Nursing
Guided Imagery
Health Care Administration
Hospice Nursing
Natural Health Care
Nursing Administration
Nursing Education
Nursing Management

Medical Technical Programs

Medical Office Assistant
Medical Secretary


Organizational Psychology

Hypnotherapy Programs

Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Metaphysical Hypnotherapy
Regression Therapy
Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Art Appreciation

Anatomy and Proportion in Sculpting the Hands and Feet
Anatomy and Proportion in Sculpting the Head
Managing a Business in the Arts and the Arts and Crafts World

Business Programs

Business Finance
Business Leadership
Global Economy
Hotel Management

Human Resource Management

International Trade
Marketing Management
Restaurant/Food Service Management

Education Programs

Alternative Approaches to Learning Disabilities I
Alternative Approaches to Learning Disabilities II
Alternative Approaches to Learning Disabilities III
Contemperary Treatment for ADD/ADHD
Home School Consultant
Parent/Teachers Aids for Children with Learning Disabilities
Teaching Children with Reading Difficulties
Teaching Dyslexics
Teaching Learning Disabled
Teaching Techniques for Learning Disabilities

Criminal Justice Programs

Advanced Criminal Justice
Correctional Management & Counseling




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