About Us

Since its foundation in 1980, James Monroe University has enjoyed a distinguished history of providing outstanding education as well as a rich life experience for students. Based on the shores of our Capital City, Monrovia, JMU has a well-deserved reputation for its high standards, friendliness and dedication to each student's success.

Student Life

As a traditional university with a solid foundation in teaching and research, we offer our resident and distance learning students an innovative and challenging learning environment to help them realize their full potential. The range of degree programs spans the entire academic spectrum, from the very latest disciplines through to the well-established traditional subjects.

JMU's network of student support services covers all aspects from health and welfare, to accommodation, counseling and careers advice. The Student’s Union plays a major role at the University and is regarded as one of the best in the country.

The Local Community

James Monroe University plays a critical role in both the local community and the entire Republic of Liberia, making major contributions to both the economic and cultural life of the community through the involvement in projects helping local people, schools, business and community groups via our academic departments as well as voluntary organizations from within the university

James Monroe University is also actively involved in the development of our city and surrounding areas through many partnerships and associations. This has resulted in a number of exciting developments including our country's paramount project “Accellerated Education for Accelerated Development”, incorporating both innovative approaches to teaching and a world-class research and curriculum development facility which is run by the University itself.

The Future

James Monroe University maintains the clear vision of her founders while continuing to look forward and adapt to the Information Age. The future holds many exciting challenges for both the University and the region. As we have in the past, our aim is to provide the qualities and skills which will enhance the experience of our students and those living in the area, giving everyone reasons to look towards the next 75 years with enthusiasm and excitement.


James Monroe University main strengths are in three key areas; and providing innovative academic programs.

James Monroe University is fast becoming a leader by offering innovative program and curriculum designs, helping students achieve their maximum potential, working as a major player in the local community and The Republic.

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Online Degree Programs

James Monroe University Online Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Level Degree Programs offer:

innovative curriculums and programs that speak to a wide variety of needs and markets.

programs developed and instructed by top educators and professionals in their fields.

programs that are targeted and precise, providing learning of core material related to the major area of study, rather than requiring non-related and non-specific type courses.

programs that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

programs of study at anytime; no waiting.

the most affordable higher education programs anywhere.

access to academic counseling by the Department of the Dean of Student Affairs, faculty, and administrative staff.

monitoring of our student's progress to ensure that course and program objectives are being met.

open access for students to communicate with all major disciplines in the University, including administration, finance, registrar, counselors, faculty.

state of the art technology in a virtual delivery system to ensure the best experiences possible.

support services such as mentoring, counseling, an online store, a bookstore, and much more.

freedom of learning in a stimulating environment that is geared toward an adult learning model.

quick and easy method of online registration and application. You can apply today and begin your program or courses.

an accomplished and experienced faculty open to constant innovation in education.

leaders and administrators are dedicated to keeping up with the latest issues in higher education and incorporate this knowledge in program development and overall operations of the University.

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