Frequently Asked Questions

Is JMU accredited?

YES. James Monroe State University has been granted full recognition (accreditation) by The Commission on Higher Education Ministry of The Republic of Liberia. This accreditation means that after a comprehensive review of all standards, by Education Ministry's team of surveyors, James Monroe University was found to be in full compliance. Institutional approval means that all curriculums, programs, and courses are accredited. James Monroe University received  accreditation, March 2003.



What kind of degree programs does JMU offer?

The student may design his or her own method to complete courses within the degree program of his/her choice through portfolio assessment of knowledge acquired through experience and prior learning,  independent study, academic projects, and assignments, �testing out�, passing online exams and accelerated coursework-based.

JMU offers a multitude of academic options to meet the demands of highly qualified individuals worldwide and the needs of today's independent learners.

JMU accepts unlimited transfer credits for work completed at other institutions of higher education. 



How long do I have to completion an independent study degree program?

Certificate, Associate, Bachelors and Masters degree programs must be completed within two years from the date of official enrollment. Doctoral Degree Program must be completed within 4 years from the date of official enrollment.



Is an assessment of my prior learning and/or experience required?

Yes. The Portfolio Assessment is a comprehensive compilation of all of your experience, accomplishments, awards, past education programs, college credits earned, documentation of skills, experiences, knowledge gained, etc. Evaluation of the student's  skills/knowledge attained must be documented.



Where can I find documentation for my  prior learning?

There are many forms of documentation that will be accepted. Besides certificates, degrees from other schools, universities, colleges, trade schools, etc., a written description of each life experience may be sufficient. Your advisor can assist you with the assembly of your portfolio for assessment or you can complete a self-assessment for submission with your application. If additional documentation is needed, your advisor will notify you.


Will my transcripts be  available to  other schools and prospective employers?

Yes. At the time you receive your official diploma and degree, you are provided with transcripts and all supporting documents. Additional transcripts or requests to have transcripts forwarded are assessed an administrative fee. Requests for additional transcripts or to have transcripts forwarded must be made in writing to the Registrars Office of James Monroe University.



What will be my graduate date?

Because JMU allows open enrolment you may begin and complete on any date. Your official date of graduation  will be scheduled upon completion of all requirements for your degree program, and final payment of any outstanding tuition.



Can I order a class ring and/or caps and gown?

Where can I purchase caps, gowns and James Monroe University rings and University logo items?
You may order them directly from our preferred suppliers.
Caps and gowns are available from
Saxon Uniform,  College rings from the Ring Company.

Many items, such as shirts, hats, license plate frames. bumper stickers, coffee mugs, gifts, etc are available at the JMU Store.



If I have other questions who do I speak to?

If you have other questions, you may request for information.



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