How to pay for your Degree or Title.

Your Instant Degree can be yours simply by paying a ONE TIME application fee though and its secure server facilities, to one of the participating institutions. Your Credit Card details are safe as they are processed through CCNOW one of the internet's leading and most trusted e-commerce companies. We never see your card details. has a vigorous policy of blacklisting Credit Cards that charge back on ordering degrees through this service. Our service is second to none, therefore we do not appreciate frivolous participation by anyone who is not genuine in their pursuit of their instant degree.

Through this system, you can safely pay for your degree without risking your money. We don't pay the Institutions until they have sent us your credentials. We then forward them on to you at no cost. In this way, you are also assured these Institutions do not make public the fact that they offer Instant Degree services. The only way a person can know the name of the Institution is by graduating through

We are the sole agents for the Institutions we represent and we ensure their legal status and degree verification service. This means you can order your Instant Degree with confidence.

Once your fee is paid, we prepare and present your application in a form we know will be approved. This is a legitimate process. Once complete, you will normally have the legal use of your chosen title within 5-8 working days. Shipping can take up to 15 days for some countries.

The title can come in two forms. The first being a pre-nominal title. Such as:

  • Doctor
  • Professor

The second form is post nominal letters. Example:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

We have arranged degrees for thousands of people.

The procedure is simple.

Click on the "Continue to Order Page" link below. This will take you to a page to choose your Degree or Title. Click the "Add to Cart" link on your desired choice. You will then be in the Secure Shopping Cart.
Once inside, use the simple "drop down menus" to select:

"degree discipline". e.g. Arts

"degree subject" e.g. Humanities

We need to know: Name to appear on the diploma.

Final Step. Choose "Check Out" and provide CCNOW the Credit Card information they need. Your order will be on its way to you in the mail usually within 5 working days.

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