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Recent Bogus Spam Attack against

If you have arrived at this site via spam, please read below.


We NEVER spam, we have no need to.

A recent spam attack maliciously designed to make people believe that our site is responsible for spam emails caused us some problems which we have now rectified. 

Over a year of trouble free hosting with the same host , plus our site stats showing catagorically, that our traffic is arriving from WEBSITES and AFFILIATE WEBSITES, not SPAM, proved our innocence absolutely.

We never spam. Spammers use "throwaway urls" and Phone numbers.  We DO NOT

The people involved (probably people who genuinely believed we do spam) used a method known as a "Joe-Job".  Faking spam email and adding our domain name into the spam.

This is like someone getting spam email for "books" in their email, deciding that must be responsible for it and attacking

Any site on the net is vulnerable to this kind of attack, it just takes a few days for our site to prove are are not responsible for the spam.  We have done this.  Our upstream hosts and servers are all aware this was a blatant bogus attack.

Action we took included:

Hiring a Professional Spam Investigator, seeking on and offline Legal Advice and contacting the relavent authorities.

This attack was denial of service and is illegal and punishable by heavy fines and even imprisonment. is a 100% legal site so therefore we are entitled to the same amount of protection under the law as any other site. 

If you have received anything that smells of spam that includes a link to our site,  please contact including full email headers if possible.

Thank you

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