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Mature adults now may now qualify online for a high school diploma. Not a GED, but a real, valid high school diploma. 

High School Diploma By Exam™ is exclusive program offered through Branford Academy Preparatory High School.

Branford Academy operates primarily as a correspondence institution of supporting individual independent study, adult education, home schooling and other forms of nontraditional learning.

Test Online for your High School Diploma

The Evaluation for the High School Diploma by Exam™ Program is FREE and is delivered online.

It consists of a series of multiple-choice exams that will measure your knowledge for equivalency to the completion requirements of a traditional high school, plus 2 years of college level knowledge. Subjects include reading and writing skills, humanities, mathematics, science, arts and technology at the high school grad and college prep level.

The results of your online exam will be forwarded to your appointed academic advisor for scoring.


Free Evaluation! No Risk! Guaranteed Pass!


The evaluation is free, so the ONLY way to fail is to quit! If you do not pass either level, you will be able to retest at any time without penalty. Your advisor can direct you on which areas you require further study and will assist you until you succeed.

Already have a GED? Now, you can replace it!

Unfortunately, having a GED is often viewed as a stigma. Many employers and other individuals do not consider a GED to be as good as a high school diploma.

But the truth is that many adults faced situations that caused them to quit high school before graduation. 

Branford Academy Preparatory High School now offers those with a GED the opportunity to get their high school diploma by submitting a photocopy of their GED transcript. NO EXAM IS NECESSARY! As soon as your GED is verified by the state education department and your graduation fee has been paid, you will be issued a Branford Academy Preparatory High School diploma.


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