Heritage University is accredited by the World Federation of Colleges and Universities WFCU, providing international endorsement of untraditional academic programs. The association's Certificate of Heritage University Accreditation is available to our graduates.
Heritage University is a Bronze Level Member of the Web Chamber of Commerce in Virginia whose mission it is to promote legal and ethical business on the Internet. Our membership can be verified from the Chamber's on-line directory.
The U.S. Department of Labor stated in 1996: "Various Colleges and Universities grant Degrees to people who cannot attend classes at a regular campus, or have already learned what the college is supposed to teach. Experiential learning credit may be given for knowledge gained through job responsibilities, personal hobbies, volunteer opportunities, homemaking, and other experiences. Colleges and Universities base credit awards on the knowledge you have already attained. Each school determines its own rules for awarding credit for prior coursework or experience."
The British Parliament 1988 Education Act specifies that "The awards made by overseas educational establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies." The European Union added: "In case your profession is not regulated in the host country, you do not need to apply officially for recognition of your foreign qualifications. In fact, you can immediately begin to practising in the host Member State".
Heritage University fully complies with ruling legislation; we do not award degrees in academic areas which are subject to separate European legislative regulations, related to the profession of physician and specialist, general nurse, dentist, midwife, veterinarian, pharmacist and architect. We do not distribute extra student records to anyone.
So there it is: it is perfectly possible to obtain nearly every legal degree based on the University's academic assessment of your knowledge gained from experience, as demonstrated by means of your resume/CV.