Heritage University is a registered, accredited non-residential private degree-granting institution awarding degrees which reflect the academic equivalency of experienced adults. We are not affiliated with any other institution with similar name.

    Our Campus
Serving the needs of those who find themselves in the circumstances that do not allow them to complete their education, so that they could obtain an equivalency diploma, does not require huge inefficient college buildings or classrooms. Heritage University's staff consequently works from an office, not a campus. The methods used to evaluate the degree equivalency of our applicants are proprietary to the University. They are, however, based upon factors commonly used by major personnel management companies and others when evaluating the experience of an applicant and how that experience may be comparable to educational achievements.
  Degree Acceptance
We possess several encouragements from professional associations and human resource managers of major corporations in the United States, Europe and Asia who have welcomed our program and recognize the need for it. They believe that a formal college assessment of their job applicants' and employees' existing knowledge makes their choices easier when it comes to promotion or to hiring staff. You should discuss our program with your employer or school to determine their acceptance of a degree from our University before proceeding. Many employers have pre-approved the program and paid for it, others have paid a major portion of it.
Teachers who themselves graduated in a 'traditional' manner, mainly between the late sixties and early eighties, however opine that an adult's professional, military and/or educational experience cannot contain sufficient credits to qualify for a university degree: In their traditional point of view, such person should better return to school – an opinion which opposes the generally accepted principle of professional degree equivalency as well as rapidly innovating educational standards.
Universities registered within British Commonwealth jurisdictions have an extremely good reputation amongst employers and professional associations around the world. The British Commonwealth, to which our jurisdiction belongs, is hardly poisoned by the existence of illegal diploma factories that are common practice in the United States and certain Asian countries. When presenting your Heritage University Degree to others, you should make very clear that you have acquired your Degree in an overseas distance graduation program. Academic assessment/evaluation is a proper and accepted way to acquire academic equivalency. If your evidenced and verifiable professional, military, educational and/or other competencies justify full academic credits up to graduation level, we shall supply you with sealed copies of all our official forms relating to Heritage University’s legal registration and official approval.