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Welcome to Hartford University.
When you invest time and money in a university education, you have a serious goal - to learn. At Hartford, we're committed to providing the tools you'll need: a strong program, excellent professors and state-of-the-art resources. The courses are demanding, but students who graduate leave with real knowledge, clear thinking skills, strong communication skills and lots of practice and hard work - in other words, the ingredients to success. Hartford University was established with the goal of helping students earn a quality education, without the residency restrictions that often hinder today’s busy working adults. It is governed by the Board of Directors acting under the authority of The Hartford University Act, R.S.M. 1987, c U60. Hartford University is registered as a degree-granting institution. All course offerings are available entirely via the Internet and through mail correspondence.  

In addition to offering undergraduate and post graduate level degrees in arts, science and education, Hartford University provides programs in a broad range of professional studies. Hartford University reaches out to a variety of constituencies in order to enhance the health, cultural, social and economic life of our students’ and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for them.  Hartford University is the online university of choice for students in the US, Canada and the world. The University holds itself accountable to all its various stakeholders, including students, alumni, staff, donors and various government agencies.

Hartford University doesn't have everything you need to succeed. You have to bring your own ability and hard work, but when you do, you'll like the result. If you feel there is any additional information that should be posted on the University website, please e-mail us with your suggestions.

Thank you for your interest in Hartford

Jay J. Mitchell

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