Concordia University College of Alberta

President's Message

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President Kraemer

"The challenge of a Christian university college is to help students grasp the most difficult Intellectual concept through the guidance of a God whose Word is in every way meaningful to their lives. What a wonderful work!"

- President Kraemer

When you invest time and money in a university education, you have a serious goal - to learn. At Concordia, we're committed to providing the tools you'll need: a strong program, small classes, excellent professors and state-of-the-art resources.

Concordia's degree programs follow the best liberal arts tradition of extensive inquiry across a broad range of subjects. The courses are demanding, but students who graduate leave with real knowledge, clear thinking skills, strong communication skills and lots of practice at hard work - in other words, the ingredients to success.

Small classes and excellent professors are key to the Concordia learning experience. A typical class has 25 students. This is considerably smaller than at most larger universities giving Concordia students almost twice as much access to professors. Most Concordia professors hold doctoral degrees. They continue to research, write and contribute to their disciplines. In addition, each professor is committed to teaching. Your learning is their priority.

All of this is backed by state-of-the-art resources. The use of computers in the Sciences is a given. In fact, some of the labs in the new chemistry degree program are delivered using sophisticated computer simulations where student mistakes result in warning signs on computer screens instead of smoke in the lab! Concordia also offers comprehensive library services including an extensive collection and the ability to borrow from other university, government and private college libraries in the Edmonton area.

Concordia doesn't have everything you need to succeed at university. You have to bring your own ability and hard work, but when you do, you'll like the result.