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NVQ and life experience degrees : Epictetus College directly converts experience into a degree.

For managers and professionals it uses mainly the new French methods of validation of life experience ("validation des acquis de l'expérience" or VAE) which permits the attribution of a degree through evaluation and recognition of only three years of experience (not only professional). Epictetus College goes even further by evaluating and recognizing competencies acquired by individual study (formal or informal), but not necessarily used.

For some more technical professions it uses the English methods of "national vocational qualifications" (NVQs) certification to help its customers in identifying their portfolio of competencies (whether based on life experience or not), on the basis of evidence of achievements. It is unique in that, instead of delivering one certificate for each competency (like most NVQ certification institutions), it rolls up these competencies toward one degree, with a university title that is instantly recognizable.

In both cases, Epictetus College encourages its graduates to pass from proven competency to visible competency by adopting an action plan for using their competencies, whether old or not, based on life experience or not, which are less used in their present professional positions.


Thanks to its free lance collaborators, Epictetus College can assess life experience competencies in almost any discipline of arts and sciences, with the exception of those related to the human body (medical and sports disciplines), like any other NVQ certification institution. Epictetus College can provide degrees in any of the most commonly used languages, provided that the language is the mother tongue or working language of the applicant or that supporting documents are submitted in this language.

This "validation des acquis de l'expérience", provided by the law on social modernization (law 2002-73 from January 17th 2002), completes the dispositive of validation of professional experience (VAP) of 1985 and 1993 by permitting the attribution of a full degree (article 134) and the validation of competences acquired abroad as well (art 137).