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Epictetus College is dedicated to the recognition and promotion of life experience competencies. Epictetus is quoted as having said that the free man is the one who knows; today it could also be added that the man whose freedom is respected is one whose knowledge is recognized. During the industrial age, it was sufficient to know how; in the communication age of which we are now part, we also need to make others now what we know. After continuous adult education designed to reinforce competencies, came the career management consultants, whose job is to package them attractively on a résumé.

Epictetus, also, said it is up to each person to build his or her own life, that fate does not exist. That is precisely why Epictetus College makes itself available to the people who decide to take charge of their destinies.

The college's intent is not to create competencies; it is to make them visible, to help in identifying them, as unrevealed life experience competency identification is one of the top concerns of most companies at the beginning of the 21st century, and untapped human resources is one of the biggest challenges to knowledge management.

Epictetus College seeks especially to identify the previously unrecognized, passive and undiscovered life experience competencies, whatever the means by which they have been acquired.

In Europe as in most countries, the professional recognition of degrees is the general rule, with the exception of a few regulated professions (health sector for example).