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Section 2: Intended Program of Study
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13.     **Please insert into the text field below, the contents of your Self-Directed Assessment Portfolio,
which should include a listing of all previous educational attainments, your resume and/or curriculum vitae and any other information which you are relying upon to evaluate your qualifications for a degree


Section 5: Additional Information

14. Our Website Lexinton student Alumni Online Cost Other
  Please indicate which of the following influenced your interest in Ellington University.

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16.     Please select additional options (For multiple packages, please choose number wanted for that package)
Cum Laude $50.00 for each diploma ordered
Magna Cum Laude $75.00 for each diploma ordered
Summa Cum Laude $99.00 for each diploma ordered
Raised, Gold Foil Seal $14.99 (all other orders are the University seal printed on the parchment diploma at no charge)


Our normal Production schedule includes production and shipment of your order within ten full business days after your payment is received. We do offer 2 Rush Production services from which to choose: 4 day production - $100.00 (allow four complete business days after payment is received for production) or 2 day production - $125.00 (allow 2 complete business days after payment is received prior to shipment).

You have the following shipment options after production is done on your order: (Please note postal boxes are not accepted, and a phone number is required)

Special Print Sizes: (You must first select a diploma or transcript package before this option)

13" x 19" $99.00 (includes one 8 1/2 x 11 diploma)
11" x 17" $79.00 (includes one 8 1/2 x 11 diploma)

Payment Method:

To receive a FREE diploma holder with your order pay using PayPal.

To receive a 10% discount, a free diploma holder AND a FREE second set

of standard sized prints, please pay using Western Union system.

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I certify that the information contained in this online order form / application is complete, accurate, and true. I understand that any misrepresentation of facts on this application could be cause for refusal of admission, reversal of certification, or dismissal from the University if discovered. I further understand that Ellington University offers no classes, no curriculum, no lectures, no staff or faculty, no literature, learning materials, testing, or thesis or dissertation review. Our offering is an honorary degree conferred to the application based upon previous life and work experience, training or education obtained from other institutions and career experience. I further certify, that I will not utilize my Ellington University graduation package, and the materials therein, to misrepresent my qualifications, training, experience, or work History, and that I will indemnify Ellington University against any and all claims or liabilities which may result should I do so. I Agree and Understand the provisions of the Fraud Policy and Legal Action Notice here

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