United Congress of Colleges

The United Congress of Colleges (UCC) is a private accreditation agency, which guarantees minimum standards of, and so allows for efficient Credit Transfers between, member institutions.  The UCC has no affiliation with any other accreditation agency and makes no claims or guarantees concerning Credit Transfers to non-member institutions. Membership is by invitation, standards are stringent and the annual fees for membership are $20000 US per year, plus $1000 per year per degree discipline offered by a member institution. Earlscroft University feels that by belonging to such an accreditation agency, it's degrees are strengthened and validated as they are subject to external scrutiny and approval.

Interested parties are welcome to confirm the accredited status of Earlscroft University by contacting the UCC European Representative Officer in writing, by telephone or Fax to the following address:

Dr K. Stevens, UCC, 77 Avalon Crescent, Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland, Telefax: +3531-633-5651

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All mail enquiries should be directed to our UK Representative Office:

Earlscroft University Administration Building, 11A Turney Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 8LX, United Kingdom Telefax: +44 207 6811780


General Enquiries admin@earlscroft.com Thank you

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