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It is becoming increasingly common for job specifications to state that a Degree is a requirement; it is also a fact that having a degree enhances the holder's chance of attaining an interview. It is also common that people who have a working life, full of experience but have little or no formal qualifications.

Many people have operated at a level of expertise far in excess of their paper qualifications but are unable to obtain interview when seeking new positions because the right qualifications do not appear on their CV. The arrival of  "selection by computer", where CV's are surveyed electronically and only those containing the acceptable "buzz words" are passed through the final human selection are likely to be successful, the necessity of having the right qualifications is of increasing importance.


You cannot buy a degree from Earlscroft University. You can only earn one through either Distance Learning, Life Experience Credits or a combination of the two. It should be said that no-one is trying to "degrade" the efforts of those who have succeeded in completing a degree course, especially in an Engineering subject or indeed any other subject for that matter; rather many employers and agencies often fail to adequately answer that question as to why a degree qualification is preferable to a lifetime of experience in many subjects - clearly however there are subjects where a formal degree qualification is a precursor to the practice of a particular profession, the Medical profession is probably the immediate example and we don't issue such degrees. If your chosen subject is not listed, please don't despair; we will consider awarding degrees in any subject, given your experience.

Is there an ethical question involved? Only in as much as there is no formal course or examination as the award is based on your previous experience. However, this does not simply mean that you can purchase a degree from Earlscroft University. If you do not have sufficient credits through either completing study projects through Distance Learning of through Life Experience Credits, you cannot graduate.

The pitfalls are that a potential employer must be sure that you know your subject, there is no point applying for a position in which you have no knowledge or experience of, yet why should you be precluded from having a chance at interview on the basis of a paper qualification.

Neither the degree nor transcripts (when requested) mention that it has been earned, in part or in full, through Academic Credits based on Prior Learning and Life Experience.

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The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that " The awards made by overseas educational establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies."

So there it is. You obtain a degree based on your CV, its perfectly legal as long as it does not claim to be from a DEE (Department of Education & Employment - UK) registered establishment or British University.

Under present legislation these degrees are perfectly [legal] For a full explanation Earlscroft University’s legal status, please refer to our FAQ

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Is a tertiary level institution, founded in London, England in 1921 by Dr. Charles Burbery. The idea of Earlscroft came to Dr. Burbery while working with WW1 veterans after the war.  In those dark, post war days, the British economy was in ruins with high unemployment exacerbated by large numbers of demobilized troops having re-entered civilian life. He noticed that these men were highly skilled and experienced in their fields, yet lacked any kind of formal qualifications.  Through his then Earlscroft Academy he provided, free of charge, fair assessment of a man’s demonstrated skills. A diploma was provided to allow potential employers to quickly discover the abilities of the veteran he was about to employ. Although Earlscroft accepted donations where they could be afforded, profit was never a motivation. This lack of a profit motive continues today.

All faculty work on a volunteer basis only, the entire institution is based on cutting program costs, even our website pages are hosted on donated space.  All funds raised by our programs are re-invested into the University’s advertising both on and off line. The main function of Earlscroft is not that of a residential University. Its role is to formally appraise a candidate's existing achievements.

Since taking on independent university status in 1937, Earlscroft University has graduates from all over the world, each benefiting daily as their Earlscroft Degree proves an invaluable asset on their road to career success. Earlscroft University, although operating legally and through personal recommendation until changes in legislation in 1988, has never been a mainstream university. Neither the University, nor its programs are designed for the young student, in fact it is recommended that people under the age over 23 do not apply.


Our Academic Mission

"To work together, to understand, to evaluate, and most importantly learn from experience.

To appraise and recognize that which is worthy of accreditation, this we shall do virtuously, and with academic and professional excellence".


Earlscroft´s adjunct faculty offer their services part-time on a purely volunteer basis. Many are Professors indentured at traditional universities whilst others are accomplished individuals in Business, Academic, Literary and Scientific fields. It is the Board of Regents who makes the final decision on whether a person is conferred an award. 

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Please note: we will award degrees in any subject, except medicine, the following are examples of degrees we have already awarded.

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[BA's] [BSc's] [BCom's] [LLb's] [BMus's] [BD's] [Masters] [Doctorates] [Preferences]

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[BA's] [BSc's] [BCom's] [LLb's] [BMus's] [BD's] [Masters] [Doctorates] [Preferences]

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  1. Doctor of Divinity
  2. Doctor of Civil Law
  3. Doctor of Letters if also Master of Arts
  4. Doctor of Science if also Master of Arts
  5. Doctor of Music if also Master of Arts
  6. Doctor of Philosophy if also Master of Arts
  7. Master of Science if also Master of Arts
  8. Master of Letters if also Master of Arts
  9. Master of Philosophy if also Master of Arts
  10. Master of Arts

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At Earlscroft we believe that by becoming a member an Accrediting Association, the awards are stimulated, strengthened and substantiated. Earlscroft is a registered institution with The United Congress of Colleges (UCC), which will confirm your awards to any inquirer. Upon written request, we confirm the degree awarded, it's date and subject, and this is normally all that is required from any inquirer.

We can also supply "Transcripts" or "Student Records", at extra cost, dependant upon the subject and level, details of Transcripts will be sent to you with your degree. A Transcript costs $100 regardless of the degree level involved. Not everyone needs Transcripts since most European institutions do not supply them, but we will supply them on the basis of your degree and your experience where required.

The fact that a degree has been earned partly or completely with Academic Credits awarded for Life Experience or Prior Learning is never mentioned on diplomas or Transcripts.

People want degrees for different reasons, here are some of the more common;


Whatever reason you have for requiring a degree, one thing is universally known.

Degrees open doors

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You can fill out our Online Evaluation Form to give you an idea of if you are eligible based upon your experience, this takes a couple of minutes to complete and you will normally get the results within 24 hours. Remember, you cannot buy your degree from Earlscroft University so include as much information about your prior learning, formal education and life experience as possible. If in doubt, include it. If you don't list something, it can't be considered..

Alternatively you can make your application direct to our U.K. representative office by sending the appropriate fees along with your C.V., if your are eligible then you will be awarded your desired degree within 14 days. This degree document is completely legal to use and has authentication information on its reverse. This unique number can be quoted to the University's Registrar Office should an interested party wish to authenticate your award. Our graduates are also informed of such enquiries. This service is free. Please note that if you are not eligible for your desired award, you will receive a complete 100% refund of all payments.

Any questions may be emailed to admin@earlscroft.com, we will reply to any specific emailed questions normally within 24 hours.

Online Evaluation Form

All mail enquiries should be directed to our UK Represenative Office:

Earlscroft University Administration Building, 11A Turney Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 8LX, United Kingdom Telefax: +44 207 6811780

General Enquiries admin@earlscroft.com Thank you

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