Q. Can I simply buy my degree from Earlscroft University? No. You must have sufficient Academic Credits (AC) to graduate at a given level. If you do not have sufficient AC, you simply cannot graduate.

Q. Is Earlscroft University a British Institution? No, it is not. Earlscroft University is a 100% legally formed and operating independent university with affiliated divisions registered according to the laws of the Irish Republic and the Republic of the Seychelles and which is administered internationallly. It maintains a representative and administrative office in London in full observance of the relevant UK laws. This takes advantage of London's unique position as perhaps the world's most efficient mail hub, which is essential for a Distance Learning Institution.

Q. How long does it take to complete the process? The on line Academic Appraisal is normally completed by a Review Panel appointed by the Board of Regents, within one working day of submission. From provisional offer of award to receiving your diploma depends on postal and banking systems. We aim to complete the whole process within 14-21 days.

Q. What sort of things can I include in my submission for appraisal? Any aspect of Prior Learning or Life Experience can be taken into account for your degree. This can include formal education, professional courses and qualifications, travel and even sporting achievements. At Earlscroft University, particularly high credits are awarded for military, government and civil service, self employment, time spent abroad from country of origin, language skills, management and higher management experience, computer and information technology skills, charity and voluntary work and published works (including websites). If in doubt, include it.

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Q. What is the legal status of this degree? Subsequent to changes in legislation the 1988 Education Reform Act, Earlscroft University was registered in Eire, where it fulfilled all the legal requirements of an independent tertiary level institution. As such its activities are not subject to national accreditation requirements. The status of Earlscroft University's representative and administration office in London is that of a facility of a non-UK university under the terms of the 1988 Education Reform Act. Therefore, it is not required to be registered by the Department of Education and Employment as its degrees are excluded from national accreditation requirements in the UK, while their validity is specifically endorsed under the 1988 Education Act. Due to recent changes in fiscal legislation in Eire, which had nothing to do with Earlscroft University’s degree granting status, the decision was made to register Earlscroft University in the Seychelles. Although primarily registered for banking and invoicing purposes, this corporate identity is also specifically and identically empowered to conduct itself as an independent tertiary level educational establishment. All degrees from Earlscroft University carry UCC (private) accreditation and are legally classed as foreign degrees in the UK, even though Earlscroft University maintains a representative and administration office in London.

Q. Can I include my new title on official documents? The title or honorific is completely valid and legal. It can be included on any official form such as your UK or other driving licence, your telephone directory listings, your website, loan or mortgage applications and passport. On UK and other European Union passports, your title (doctor) can be included in the "Special Observations" section.

Q. I live in Oregon U.S.A., can I use a degree from Earlscroft University?

In the state of Oregon, it is illegal to use a degree issued by ANY institution that is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or approved by ODA. (See ORS 348.609). E U is not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education nor approved by ODA, nor does it seek to be. It has always been the specific responsibility of the applicant to ascertain the suitability of a privately accredited foreign degree in his or her local jurisdiction, and a declaration to that effect has always been part of E U's application procedure. However, since being made aware of this legislation, that is unique to Oregon, E U will NEVER knowingly permit a resident of the state of Oregon to enroll in one of its programs.

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Q. Does the diploma or transcripts mention that the degree was gained through life experience? Absolutely not! There is no mention of Life Experience or Prior Learning on diplomas or transcripts.

Q. What are the diplomas/transcripts like? Both the diplomas and the transcripts adhere strictly to ISO standards as laid down by the International Standards Organization.

Q. Is there a verification system? Earlscroft University is fully ISO compliant in the verification of awards. On the reverse of each diploma is a unique identification number and instructions of how the details on the diploma can be verified. Verification can be done by post, or e-mail. 

Q. Can I get a medical doctorate? No.

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All mail enquiries should be directed to our UK Represenative Office:

Earlscroft University Administration Building, 11A Turney Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 8LX, United Kingdom Telefax: +44 207 6811780


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