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Verification Services

We do not offer a verification service. We're too busy printing quality replacement diplomas and transcripts to offer any additional services. Since we don't a offer verification service and so many of you have asked about it, we'd like to include a few tips when deciding which service to use.

Don't go by price alone when choosing a verification service. Paying more does not necessary mean you'll receive a better service. The service and what it has to offer should be your #1 concern, not the price.

The Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the maintenance, protection, verification and release of educational documents. The law requires that the graduate sign a release form before the college, university or verification service can release the records. This means any verification service that claims they'll verify your documents by phone or email are operating against the law. Verification also cannot be obtained from a website. One diploma printing service offers a verification service website. This is illegal! The point isn't so much that you'll get in trouble as it is that most employers know the law. If you apply for a job and tell the interviewer he/she can verify your graduation on a website, if you're lucky you'll only be laughed out the door.

The verification service you choose should verify your educational records by mail or fax only. These are the only legally allowable methods of verification that any service can use. If the service offers verification by mail only, remember to find out exactly what address will be on the return documents. One diploma printing service offers a verification service that sends documents with a Washington, D.C. return address. Unless you graduated from a college or university in D.C., the verification service will be of no use to you.

Since it's highly improbable that any verification service has a physical mailing address in every city in the country, it's best to choose one that offers verification by fax. Remember, a fax transmittal shows only the time and fax number the document was received from. If the verification service has a toll-free number, you won't run into the problems you would if you went with a service that mails your documents from Washington, D.C. or any other city.

The only verification service would be locate that passes all the tests (meaning the requirements of FERPA) ironically is Verification Services. Their fee is quite reasonable as compared to other services, and they verify educational documents by fax.

Verification Services does not offer diplomas or transcripts, only verification services. They require that you send them a copy of your diploma or transcripts in order for them to be sent to any third party when verification is requested. Yes, you can send them a copy of the diploma or transcripts you receive from us, and they'll verify the documents. With only two exceptions, they'll verify the documents you send them, regardless of where and how you obtained them.

Click Here to visit Verification Services' website.

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