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Authentic University Security Paper
Official Document Security Paper

Your transcripts will be printed on geninue 60-lb university security paper. It took some finagling, but we were allowed to buy the same security paper used by most US colleges and universities.

Authentic University Security Paper includes the following features:

"VOID" Thermo Hide Technology -- The word "VOID" appears on the photocopy in background.

SECURITY FEATURE BOX -- The back of the paper contains four boxes that explain the security features of the paper and how to tell that you're holding an original document.

SECURITY WATERMARK -- Unique watermark image that is impossible to duplicate with a photo copier or scanner. Hold to light to view watermark to identify that the document is an original.

FLOURESCENT FIBERS -- Can be seen only when holding the document under Ultraviolet light

60# Offset Weight

Transcript Security Paper
We also offer Official Document security paper and at an additional charge of $10 per set of transcripts. Official Document security paper has a crested watermark seal in the center of the paper, and the seal disappears when copied.

The transcript samples on this site are not printed on security paper for the obvious reasons. The word "VOID" obliterates the course information as well as most of the other information included on the samples. At the bottom of this page is a sample transcript printed on security paper.
In preparing transcripts we include the courses required for completion of the program of study for the specific degree you're interested in. Transcripts for a BA in Psychology will include the appropriate psychology courses, not unrelated liberal arts courses as some of our customers have mentioned receiving from other transcript services.

In order to maintain our 24-hour rush service for diplomas, we must limit the number of transcript orders that we accept. Transcripts are normally printed within 5 business days. Very rarely can we offer rush service on transcripts due to rush orders already accepted for diplomas.

If ordering transcripts, along with your full name, the name of the college or university and the type of degree, be sure to include the following information on the order form:
1) your DOB,
2) your student ID number, and
3) the ending GPA.

If you're concerned about a third party wanting to verify your transcripts, visit Verification Services' website. If you decide to use Verification Services let us know and we'll be print their toll-free number on your transcripts. More information on verification services can be found on our Verification Services page.

Due to the loss of resolution as a result of printing, scanning and electronically converting the scanned document to graphic image, the word "VOID" on the following sample does not appear as dark as it should.

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