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These are not paid testimonials. We will not pay or offer a discount to anyone in exchange for a "good review."

    I do not now where to start with this great service that I received from Diplomas. Well, I really needed a diploma within a day or two and at the time I did not have a credit card so I needed to use the western union feature that they have as an option,but with my luck when I sent my funds to them western union they would have a problem ( not diplomas, but yes western union ) I did not know what to do! Guess what, not only did they send the diploma and a second one free, they also sent it express and I received it the next day. When I say it looks perfect it looks perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........Also they answer every email.........not like other companys......and all for less not like others that charge 100.00 for one........

P.S. I will tell a couple of friends
your customer for life,

Thank you so much for the fine job you did on my replacement diploma and transcripts. The diploma is exactly the same as the original and the combined transcripts will make life a lot easier when I apply for my Doctorate. Thanks Again!!!! Anthony
Thanks for referring me to the verification service. I faxed them the transcripts you printed, and everything worked like a charm. I start that new job Monday and will send you a special thank-you bonus when I receive my first check.
Antoinette, California

This blows me away. If I said no one has given me anything in my life, you still wouldn't understand how much receiving the free documents means to me. I only paid for one diploma and you gave me two plus two sets of free transcripts. You are the greatest!
John, Maryland

After receiving that piece of crap diploma from ********.com, I didn't think you'd be able to do a diploma with the correct university seal. I don't know how you guys found the seal, but thanks for proving me wrong.
George, Texas

Thanks for putting up with my many questions and emails. The picture you have on your site of the University of Maryland diploma looked too real for me to believe you could actually print one looking exactly like it. Sorry for doubting you. I've already told some of my friends about your service and will send many more your way.
John, US Army overseas

You've outdone yourself this time. The first set of documents were great. The latest ones are incredible. How the hell did you find that seal?! Look forward to many more orders coming your way.
Robert, Washington state

Thanks for the special efforts to make the diploma for me. No one else would do the diploma since it was a special order. Let me know if I owe you any more money. The COD was only for $89.90. Are you sure it was right?
Gail, Michigan

The package arrive today and the documents look great. Thank you!
Norris, Texas

Are you sure I don't owe you anything? My credit card was only charged $59. I paid twice that to ******.com and ended up throwing away the document after seeing how fake the seal was.
MaryAnn, California

I received the diploma today, just in time. Thank you. I know how busy you are and I do appreciate your rushing to get this to me on such short notice.
David, Massachusetts

You guys are assholes. I just paid another diploma company $350 for my Bachelor's plus $225 for their verification service. If you guys advertised more, I would've used your service and could've saved over $300. Thanks for nothing.
Robert, Texas
I received the diploma the other day. WOW. The quality of the diploma and transcripts is absolutely outstanding. Thank you for putting up with all my questions. I can't say enough about your service.


Everything looks absolutely stunning !!!!! You do not even know how much you just helped me out !!! I went from making $24,000 to $60,000 -$70,000 depending !!! I would recommend this service to anyone...
I will be sending you future customers...

Very very happy customer!!!!!!!

This looks great! Thank you for sending the great looking diploma it is what I wanted. This looks as good as the real thing. I will send everyone that needs one to you and I will be getting some more for myself in the future.


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