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EXTRA VALUE PACKAGE - Diploma, Transcript and Verification Service
  ADTV- Associates Diploma, Transcripts and Verification Service $259.00
  BDTV- Bachelors Diploma, Transcripts and Verification Service $269.00
  MDTV- Masters Diploma, Transcripts and Verification Service $289.00
  DDTV- Doctorate/ PhD Diploma, Transcripts and Verification Service $299.00

Diploma and Transcript Packages
  HDT- High School diploma w/transcripts $129.00
  ADT- Associate's w/transcripts $139.00
  BDT- Bachelor's w/transcripts $149.00
  MDT- Master's w/transcripts $159.00
  DDT- PhD w/transcripts $169.00

  HD- High School Diploma $59.00
  AD- Associate's Diploma $69.00
  BD- Bachelor's Diploma $89.00
  MD- Master's Diploma $89.00
  DD- PhD Diploma $89.00

  HT- High School Transcripts $60.00
  AT- Associate's Transcripts $60.00
  BT- Bachelor's Transcripts $80.00
  MT- Master's Transcripts $80.00
  DT- PhD Transcripts $80.00

Mailing Services
  Shipping and Handling $15.00
  United Parcel Service - 2 day service, Domestic US $39.00
  United Parcel Service - Overnite, Domestic US Only $49.00 (U.S. deliveries only)
  International - United Postal Service $75.00

Additional Options

  Cum Laude $25.00
  Magna Cum Laude $35.00
  Summa Cum Laude $50.00
  Verification Service $149.00

Transcript Security Paper
Authentic university security paper FREE
Official Document security paper $10.00

Prices for our diploma frames are on the frames web pages.

Reprints, Returns and Refunds

We are human and will always correct our mistakes. Any diploma that contains a typo or other incorrect information will be replaced free of charge.

Refunds will be issued immediately if your order is cancelled before it has been mailed. Shipping and handling charges will be refunded only if we mailed to the wrong address.

Since it's a common ploy to order a diploma, copy it, and then try to return the product, we do not issue refunds unless the order is cancelled before it's mailed. Printing is a customized service, and the returned documents(s) will be of no use to us or anyone but the person who ordered it.



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