Wednesday, August 27, 2003

"Verifying party" as used on this page means an employer or anyone else who asks for verification of your educational documents.

How does your verification service work?

Either you or the verifying party must fax us a Transcript Request form. You must complete and sign the Transcript Request regardless of whether you or the verifying party faxes it to us. Upon receipt of your payment and the signed release form, our service will send you an email with the details of how to access and fill out the Transcript Request form.

Do you have a toll-free number?

Yes. Our toll-free number is provided to all paid clients. To prevent anyone from attempting to use our service for free, we provide our toll-free number to our paid clients only. The verifying party can call the toll-free number at any time; however, they will be informed that the Transcript Request form must be faxed to us. Federal law prohibits verification by phone or email.

What's the difference between an Academic Transcript and a Verification Transcript?

An Academic Transcript is a list of your academic achievements. This includes the courses you took, grades, semesters attended, and the type of degree you were awarded.
A Verification Transcript lists only the date of graduation and degree conferred.

Do you send the verifying party a copy of my diploma or course transcript?

Not unless specifically requested by you. We obviously cannot provide a copy of a diploma or transcript unless you've first sent us one. Once you've faxed us the diploma or transcript, we'll be able to provide a copy to any verifying party.

Can you verify that I graduated even if I don't send you a copy of my diploma or transcripts?

Yes, but we should mention what could happen. If the verifying party asks for a copy of your diploma or transcripts, we could verify only that you graduated on the specific date with whatever type of degree it happened to be. We would have no choice but to inform the verifying party that "a copy of the graduate's diploma and academic transcript is unavailable."

How many times can I use your service?

Many people will secure the first job they apply for, and others might need to search for a while. Anyone with satisfactory qualifications and job skills should be able to secure one out of every three jobs they apply for. Considering the average job application-to-acceptance ratio, we've set a liberal limit of four verifications through our service in the first 12 months. Should you need us to verify your documents more than 4 times or after one year, our service continuation fee is $50. Once you've joined our service, you remain a client indefinitely. This means if you use our service this month, obtain a great job and find yourself seeking new employment two years from now, the continuation fee would be only $50.

Do you offer verification services for any institution?

We can verify credentials from any educational institution, except the following schools which have opted out of our program:

• Any State of Illinois, Illinois State or other institution in the State or Illinois, or any customer in the State of Illinois
• North Dakota State University
• Northwestern University
• University of California
• University of Houston
• University of New Orleans
• University of New Hampshire
• University of Phoenix
• University of Southern California
• University of Toledo
• Syracuse University
• Louisiana State University

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