Wednesday, August 27, 2003

How many times have you attempted to obtain a new job, gone after that job promotion, or needed to prove your
educational credentials only to realize the University or College is way too slow in responding to verification

Has this cost you unnecessary hassle, turmoil or even loss of opportunity?

Our professional service can save you the headache, embarrassment and hassle of dealing directly with the
University. Our service will prove up your educational records based upon your written authorization - - at
lightening speed!

You fill out a Transcript Verification form and the requesting party receives the verification. We offer a toll-free
number in case the other party wants to call. Federal law prohibits verification of educational documents by
phone or email, but we'd be glad to answer the call and then fax the verification to the other party.
Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 and subsequent amendments dictate that your
educational records cannot be released without your written consent. The law itself prohibits verification of your
educational records by phone, email or online. One diploma printing service offers a verification service through a
website. Don't be conned into believing such verification is legal. Employers know the law!!! Verification of your
educational documents can be done only by mail or fax. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Regardless of where you graduated and how you obtained your diploma, we will verify your educational
documents. You sign the request form, and we'll fax the documents directly to anyone you request. You sign the
form, we fax the verification. Nothing could be more simple or effective.

We offer both Academic Transcript and Verification Transcript services. We will keep your educational documents
on file in case a third party asks for a copy. If you expect us to have your documents on file, you must send them
to us, preferrably by fax. We do not provide diplomas or transcripts. We can verify and send copies of what we you
have provided and verified as authentic, and what we have on file, nothing more.

2003 Verification Services