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1. How does the program work?

Custom Degrees represents a small group of colleges and universities that are authorized to grant high school diplomas and college degrees. You will submit an application to our company, and we will match your experience to the appropriate degree granting institution; and send your application to that university or college for review. If you are accepted to the degree for which you applied, you will pay for our services through our secure website Click Here. At this time, the university or college that accepted your degree application will send you your degree and transcripts within 7-10 days. You may order additional transcripts though the college or university's website, which awarded your degree. When you need transcripts mailed to a third party (employer, etc., you simply request the transcripts through your university or college alumni page. The college or university that granted your degree will send your official transcripts to your employer, etc. upon request. All colleges and universities in our program do have an official website. You must be at least 18-years of age to qualify for our program. Apply Now

2. How do you make application?
Application must be made online using the application form. You may also apply by completing the application, printing it and mailing to us:
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3. What is the application fee?
Your application and evaluation is free! There is no charge for any service unless you place an order for the degree which you applied for.
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4. How much does the degree cost?

  • High School Diploma $ 199.00

  • Associates Degree $ 299.00

  • Bachelor Degree $ 399.00

  • Master’s Degree $ 499.00

  • Doctorial Degree (PhD) $ 599.00

5. Is this a legal degree?
Yes, all colleges and universities we represent are registered to issue degrees for distance learning and portfolio assessment. This is a legal degree. You may include it on your resume, business cards, letterhead, passport, web site, job application, or any other official document you fill out.
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6. What can I use my degree for?
Some people want the degree to assist them in getting a better job. You might have the experience and the knowledge to do the job, but often times they will pick the candidate with the degree over the candidate without it. Getting your degree will level up the playing field and improve your prospects considerably.

Of course, there are those who aren't concerned about employment prospects. They might be self employed, retired, or even happy being at their current employment level; but they want the personal satisfaction of knowing that their knowledge can be transferred to a college degree. They want to hang their diploma on the wall and feel proud at their accomplishment. Apply Now

7. How long will it take to get my degree?
In most cases the whole process can be completed within 30-days, usually less.

8. What does the diploma look like?
The diploma is professionally produced and of very high quality. It is printed on a fine quality 60 lb. parchment or cotton paper and bears the embossed seal of the granting college or university. Transcripts are printed on the same security paper used by many major colleges and universities. There is no difference in quality if you were granted a degree from Harvard or
Yale University, etc. Apply Now

9. If I get a bachelor or master degree can I get into a graduate school?
Our program is not intended for those who are still continuing their traditional education. This program is targeted at those who have achieved the requirements to earn their degree and want the validation of their accomplishment. If your desire is to attend a traditional graduate school, you should first check with the school to see if a non-traditional University under graduate degree is accepted. Of course all degrees earned through our members schools, will transfer to other member schools toward a graduate level degree.
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10. I think I would qualify for two degrees?
Accomplished individuals might qualify for two degrees. This could be a bachelor/master or master/doctorate, etc. If you wish to apply for two degrees please note that on your application. It is actually two separate degrees and two separate evaluations will need to be done.
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11. I don't see my major listed on the degrees available?
You may apply for any major by making note of it on the application form. If that major cannot be approved an alternative might be suggested.
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12. What location is stated on the degree?
The school which granted the degree will list their location on the diploma. In today's technological world, it is very common for a student to complete their degree online, and therefore, we feel the location is not a factor in the distance education arena. All schools in our program do have a US mailing address, and US phone and facsimile numbers.
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13. Do I get transcripts?
Yes, official transcripts are included with your graduation package granted by the college or university that accepted your application and issued your degree. The transcripts will show a full course of study to meet the requirements of your degree. The schools we represent operate on a 4.0 grade scale. The grades will consist of A,B,C, D, etc.
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14. What graduation date will be on my degree?
You can have any graduation date you want as long as your application can verify that you achieved the minimum requirements for that degree, on or before the desired date.
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15. Can I get into trouble with this degree?
Your degree is legal. How you choose to use it might not be. If you misrepresent how your degree was earned, you in be held liable for your misrepresentation. For this reason we tell people that they should always be truthful about how their degree was earned. Be proud that you were able to earn it by an independent evaluation process. You worked for this degree no less than someone who sat in a classroom. In many cases, your degree represents years and years of work, knowledge, and accomplishment.
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16. Can I contact Customdegrees.com directly?
During the evaluation and document preparation stage your contact will be www.customdegrees.com. After your degree has been issued by a university or college, you are considered alumni and may contact the degree granting university or college directly.
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17. Is the degree verifiable?
Yes, your degree is verifiable through the university or college registrar’s office by fax email, or US mail. They will mail your transcripts to anywhere you need them for a small administration fee.
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18. What is the graduation package?
The graduation package is what you get for your payment. Your graduation package consists of the following:
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  • Diploma: Printed on top quality parchment paper with embossed seal and signatures. It is comparable to that which is produced at most traditional state universities.

  • Embossed Padded Diploma Cover. Your padded diploma cover is embossed in gold with the school seal and the name of the school which granted your degree.

  • Transcripts: This is your official academic record. Your transcripts are issued upon graduation. They include all courses to meet your degree requirement, and have your GPA listed for each semester of course work.

  • Verification of Degree: Your student record will be maintained on file permanently with the university or college, which granted your degree. Any third party, such as an employer, to whom you grant authorization, will be sent a certified copy of your transcripts. There is a small administration fee for each certified copy sent.

19. Can I get a replacement degree if it is damaged?
Yes, you can get a replacement degree. If the diploma or documents are damaged in shipping to you they will be completely replaced without cost. If at a later date you damage or lose any documents they maybe replaced.
Just reference your student number and the files can be accessed. There will be a charge in this case for replacement documents. Apply Now

20. Can I get a brochure mailed to my home address?
One of the reasons why fees are kept so low is because we don't waste money on administrative costs. No brochures are produced and printing and mailing costs are saved. Everything is available on our web site.
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21. How can I phone you?
We do not have a call center, so no phone calls please. Due to our efficient online set-up and high volume, we have chosen not to engage in routine phone calls. Please take a few minutes to read our web site and go through the FAQ. If you have a specific question you could not find the answer to on the web site, then please email us at service@customdegrees.com

22. What countries can you ship to?
We will ship worldwide.
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23. How do you ship?
In the
US and Canada we will ship Global Priority mail and EMS. Shipping to other countries will be by what we decide is the best air service to that country, usually EMS or DHL. Apply Now

24. Is this a good way to get a degree?
For some people, it is the only way they will get a degree. You must decide for yourself if this is a good program for you. We know our program is not for everyone. We don't want to sell you on it, if it isn't right for you. There are some limitations to using our services. If you especially want a degree to enter a traditional graduate school, or if there is specific licensing requirement, such as the medical and legal field, you need to confirm if this degree would be accepted. Of course, a degree from www.customdegrees.com has the advantage of being very quick and very low cost. We ask you to consider this. Are you going to return to college to get your degree? How long will it take you? How much will it cost? We are not trying to compare a degree from www.customdegrees.com to Yale, Harvard, etc. There are different roads for each of us to travel. Do you want to have the journey or just reach your destination?
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25. Is this a diploma mill?
No. While the definition of a diploma mill is somewhat confusing, it usually refers to the printing of a degree without legal authority for the payment of a fee. www.customdegrees.com is not a diploma mill because the schools we represent have the legal authority to issue degrees to students, and has set forth the requirements necessary to qualify for their degree.
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26. Are the schools you represent accredited by any of the U.S. regional accrediting agencies that are approved by the U.S. Department of Education, for the purpose of offering federal grants or loans?

We are an education consulting firm. The alumni of the schools we represent are in all regions of the world, and at last count, residing in over 60 nations. ALL of our services are conducted via electronic delivery means, with NO RESIDENCY requirements. This is the reason we can do what we do, for such small fees.

The idea of centralized government control over higher education in the United States was rejected in favor of a system of voluntary regional accreditation organizations. Membership in any one of the several U.S. regional accrediting associations is strictly voluntary. These regional accrediting associations are privately owned and operated and are NOT owned or operated by the U.S. Government or the U.S. Department of Education. Apply Now

At this time, the schools we represent are either accredited by an agency authorized to accredit online colleges and universities, or are in the process of becoming accredited. Our member schools are not accredited by an agency recognized by the USDOE. Apply Now

27. There are other schools with similar programs that say they are accredited?
There is no control on the use of the word accredited. If the school offers a program similar to ours, they are not accredited by an agency that is recognized by the US Department of Education. And unless that accreditation is recognized by US Department of Education and CHEA, there will be limitations as to the acceptance of the degree. Those limitations include professional license requirements, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Federal program funding, and traditional graduate school admittance.
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28.What guarantee do I have that my degree will be accepted?
We cannot guarantee who will accept your degree. We know there is a high level of acceptance for the degrees issued by our member schools, but acceptance is not up to us; it is the decision of the other party. If you are honest about how you earned your degree they might not accept it, but they will not ignore it either. It is still a testament to your accomplishments. And you have every reason to be proud about it.
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29.What is your Refund Policy
30-days from receipt date. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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30.I have a question not answered here?
Please email us at service@customdegrees.com


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