Accreditation of State Registered Online Institutions of Higher Learning
The DISTANCE GRADUATION ACCREDITING ASSOCIATION (DGAA) is an international professional accrediting association providing employers with a resource of acceptability of college degrees attained through non traditional means, such as the Internet or correspondence.

Accreditation by DGAA is not an analysis of individual university academic programs, but a measure of the acceptability of the college degree by major corporations worldwide.
Colleges and universities that gain accreditation by the DISTANCE GRADUATION ACCREDITING ASSOCIATION are mostly untraditional institutions, determined to provide qualified degreed students that meet or exceed those of more traditionally accredited universities.

To be accredited by the DISTANCE GRADUATION ACCREDITING ASSOCIATION, an institution must provide full distance degree programs. Whether the institution offers traditional campus-based learning is not relevant: determination of accreditation for these institutions is based on extensive research of the databases of major corporations worldwide. Individuals that have earned high ranking corporate positions using degrees acquired primarily by distance graduation means are analyzed for the purpose of creating a database of distance graduation institutions turning out qualified applicants.
The integrity, reliability and opportunities for career advancement are of primary concern when evaluating a school for possible Accreditation. Opportunities for collegiality and interaction are also of substance, but lesser so than the former concerns.

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) praises the DISTANCE GRADUATION ACCREDITING ASSOCIATION in its 2002 annual meeting report as one of the earliest established U.S. distance education accrediting bodies (view report, seventh paragraph). AACTE itself is RECOGNIZED BY THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. DGAA accreditation, however, is not designed to meet the needs of students intending to use U.S. Federal Funds.

The DISTANCE GRADUATION ACCREDITING ASSOCIATION differs from most accrediting agencies in that we do not seek approval from individual governments, but operate beyond frontiers of national or cultural interest which we consider fictitious in this century of boundless international educational resources.